Structured Investments

Our Structured Investments team develops tailor-made products. We will be happy to assist you in translating your vision into a personalised structured product.  Kempen Structured Investments operates with one primary goal: to achieve optimal performance for your products within the parameters of your personal risk tolerance.  


A structured product is an investment instrument that can offer optimal performance while adhering to your personal risk profile. It can enable investors to access investment categories whilst limiting downward risks or to invest in international markets without being exposed to currency risks. Structured investments come in many different forms, but can generally be placed in one of the four following categories:

Protection – allowing you to enjoy complete, partial or conditional capital protection at the maturity date
Cash flow – offering an annual cash flow, otherwise known as an annual coupon
Growth – funds are paid out at maturity of the product rather than during the life of the product
Leverage – providing a higher payment at the end of the life of the product than a direct investment in the underlying value, with potentially a partial protection for your initial investment

Kempen Structured Investments is dedicated to add value in offering solid and transparent investment solutions to its clients. We will be happy to assist you in translating your vision into a personalized structured product.

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