Real Estate

Real Estate

“Coverage of 82% of the European Real Estate market”

Source: Bloomberg, based on market cap

A market that requires specialist knowledge

Kempen offers independent research which is thought-provoking (e.g. our annual European Property Outlook), fundamental (e.g. our Real Time comparison reports on European retail, German residential, London or UK large caps) and thematic (e.g. our Real Time reports post Brexit and on Swedish tax changes). With in-depth analyses of 58 listed companies spread over twelve countries results in by far the widest coverage in Europe.

At home in real estate

The Kempen Property team is the single largest dedicated sell-side team, with eight research and marketing analysts and four specialist sales/traders, combined 100+ years of listed property experience. These dedicated experts are recognised for their proven track record on both offering liquidity and alpha. More precisely, Kempen holds a dominant market share in trading, with top-3 positions in numerous European property stocks, providing liquidity even in smaller cap companies. Also, our Favourites have outperformed the index by 11.2% pa since inception (2005) whilst our Least Favourites have underperformed the sector by 6.1% pa over the same period.

Kempen Favourites Real Estate

Anticipating trends

Over the past decade we have been able to identify outperformance for several regions, asset classes and other trend related issues (e.g. companies restructuring) that have resulted in appealing risk-adjusted returns. Our approach is a combination of top-down views combined with a bottom-up approach that is very much fed by local intel. 

Strong focus on clients’ interests

Kempen Property Research has strong access to both generalist and specialist investors in continental Europe, the UK, North America, South Africa and Asia, though a combination of our long-running and highly popular conferences in Amsterdam and New York, dozens of company roadshows, reverse roadshows and investor fieldtrips to amongst others Milan, Zurich, Stockholm etc. Likewise, with a leading ECM position in European real estate via IPOs and secondary offerings we offer number of liquidity events.

“Best European property seminar”

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