Real Estate

A market that requires specialist knowledge

The real estate market is a dynamic market, one that must tackle the challenges of international expansion and develop strategies for sustainable growth. This is a market that requires specialist knowledge and dedication. Kempen holds a leading position and performs the most extensive research in the European real estate market.

At home in real estate

The Kempen Property Research team follows around 50 European real estate companies. These dedicated experts are widely recognised for their proven track record and their ability to analyse thoroughly, deliver excellent execution, and provide high liquidity. Their efforts result in sharp insight into market developments and solid investment decisions. 

Anticipating trends

Businesses from across the board, from real estate investment corporations to construction companies and housing associations as well as other companies within the sector, count on us to deliver rock solid returns. Our people are perfectly equipped to help companies and investors alike anticipate trends in the real estate market, working together with our clients to help them achieve their goals.

We know exactly which investment opportunities are interesting to a real estate company, what the (key) trends are and, likewise, which investors are interested in real estate investments.

Strong focus on clients’ interests

Our keen focus on the sector has enabled us to assemble a multidisciplinary team of professionals who know all the ins and outs. This helps companies to maximise their potential and enables investors to make choices based on the best market knowledge available.
Furthermore, our clients highly appreciate our commitment to building good, solid relationships and personal contact, by hosting a variety of seminars and road shows to introduce investors to stock market-listed real estate companies. 

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