Small and Mid-Cap Paris Conference

These are times of Chinese slow dances, Brexit maydays and Italian incertitude. So, why invest in Europe? It’s an honest question which needs an honest answer. An answer that can only come from the horse’s mouth.

On the 25th of June, Kempen invites you to its annual Small and Mid-Cap Conference. We’re bringing 18 companies covered by our Local Alpha and Property research niches. This Conference is an opportunity for investors to find opportunities no one is talking about in the European Small and Mid-Cap space.

Companies attending Paris Conference Small and mid-cap 25 June 2019

Why Small and Mid-Cap?

For the 4th year now, Kempen is bringing together investors to meet companies flying under the radar. These Small and Mid-Caps are often missed by the biggest investment banks but Kempen’s niche strategy gives us insight into what’s happening with the most exciting European Small and Mid-Caps.

The Kempen Paris Conference is the opportunity to get in touch with a number of handpicked, under-the-radar companies from the Benelux and Pan-European real estate sector. Market caps at this conference range between c.€190 million to c.€9.1 billion with a median of c.€2.2 billion. As an added bonus, you’ll be meeting these companies in the lovely Hotel de Sers under the Parisian summer sun.

With each company available for 8 one-on-one or group meetings, there is opportunity enough to get your seat in front of the individuals who pull the strings of the stocks in your scope.

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Kempen Corporate Access

Our Corporate Access team utilizes the knowledge of our research analysts, the experience of our marketing analysts & trading professionals to connect corporate management teams with their institutional shareholders and target potential new investors globally. 


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