European Property Seminar New York


For the 11th time in a row now Kempen will the European Property Seminar New York. This annual corporate event offers the unique opportunity for investors to meet up with senior management of more than 20 under-the-radar companies in European Real Estate. 

At the European Property Seminar New York it’s all about connecting capital with ideas. We believe in the added value of bottom-up, fundamental stock-picking based on a company-specific approach. Especially in these turbulent days it’s time to go back to fundamentals and look for the most exciting opportunities. The idea behind this ‘speed dating in two days’ concept is that by meeting more people, you’ve got more chance of success. See you in New York?   


An impression of our Real Estate seminar in Amsterdam:


More reasons why you should attend the Kempen European Property Seminar New York

You want to know a little about a lot? Or a lot about a little

Your JP Morgan Chases, your Citigroups… the big guys all know a little about a lot. Handy maybe for the newcomer or generalist investor: which industries, geographies... broad brushstroke stuff. But if, like us, you believe in the added value of bottom-up, fundamental stock-picking based on a company-specific approach... Well, then you should be in New York this march.

You find the best opportunities under the radar

At the Kempen European Property Seminar, rather than the usual suspects you’ll meet over 20 under-the-radar companies we’ve hand-picked from one of the four niche sectors that we specialize in and know inside out : Pan-European Real Estate.

When you drive thru, you want to hit the sweet spot

The idea behind speed dating is that by meeting more people, you’ve got more chance of success. Which only follows if those people are your type. The companies we’ve curated for our investors conference largely fall in the 500m-3bn midcap range. The sweet spot where businesses are large and liquid enough to trade, but small enough to be off the radars for most investors (and most investment banks).

We have twice as many resources as the biggest investment banks

People assume the bigger you are, the more resources you’ve got. True, in absolute terms. But because Kempen is boutique and focused, we’ve got roughly twice as many people on each of our 4 niche sector desks as the biggest investment banks. No distractions, no generalists. Just granular sector knowledge delivering original insights. And investor opportunities.

Big data, small value

Trend-following quant investment strategies have their place, but can’t get behind the numbers. If you’re the kind of investor who looks beyond a company’s seasonal results to the underlying strength of its business, at our European Property Seminar you can talk to over 20 slightly unconventional midcaps hand-picked for offering the kind of value algorithms tend to miss.

Meet like-minded stock pickers

Swap notes with like-minded investors who also look for companies outside the blue chip corporate pen. Who realise you need to invest not just equity, but also time and energy if you’re to uncover the real jewels. Though this time we’ve saved you a lot of donkey work by curating from Kempen’s specialist sector Pan-European Real Estate some 20 businesses that we believe have exceptional promise.

Just ask the experts

This is our 11th European Property Seminar New York. We’re proud how it’s grown not just in size but quality. This year’s attendance list is a who’s who of the best in fund management. And each year we see them arrive with enthusiasm and leave texting their traders.

An impression of last year’s seminar in New York:


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