European Property Seminar Amsterdam

For the 17th year running, Kempen will be hosting its European Property Seminar in Amsterdam in May 2019. This event offers corporate investors a unique opportunity to meet the senior management of over 50 companies in European Real Estate, both blue-chip large-cap and handpicked, under-the-radar names. Last year’s attendee list was a Who’s Who of the best in fund management, whom we saw arrive in good spirits and leave texting their traders.

Why you will not want to miss out on the European Property Seminars 

The go-to seminar in Europe 

Kempen’s European Property Seminar has always been about connecting capital with ideas. We are proud that over the years it has developed not just in size, but also in quality as the go-to seminar in Europe. We believe in the added value of bottom-up, fundamental stock picking with a company-specific approach. Especially in these turbulent, politically influenced times, it is time to go back to fundamentals and look for the most exciting opportunities. The idea behind this ‘speed dating in two days’ concept is that, by meeting more people, you will have a greater chance of success. We also host a European Property Seminar in New York in February/March. 

Do you want to know a little about a lot, or a lot about a little?

On average, bulge bracket banks – the big guys – all know a little about a lot. This will suit newcomers or generalist investors who want to know which industries or geographies offer opportunities, and who prefer broader strokes rather than fine lines. However, investors who – like us – believe in the added value of bottom-up fundamental stock pitching with a company-specific approach are well advised to attend our European Property Seminar in Amsterdam and New York. 

You will find the best opportunities under the radar 

Aside from the largest companies in the industry, the Kempen European Property Seminar in Amsterdam will offer you an opportunity to get in touch with a number of handpicked, under-the-radar companies. Market caps at this seminar range between €200 million and €23 billion, with a median of €1.9 billion. 

We have twice as many resources as the largest investment banks 

Many people assume that larger organisations have more resources. That is true, in absolute terms, but because Kempen & Co is boutique and focused, we have roughly twice as many people on each of our five niche sector desks as the largest investment banks. There are no distractions, no generalists: just granular sector knowledge delivering original insights – and investor opportunities. 

Big data, small value

Trend-following, quant investment strategies have their place, but will typically not provide insight into what is behind the numbers. If you are the kind of investor who looks beyond a company’s seasonal results to the underlying strength of its business, the people behind the business will tell you the story behind the bricks at our European Property Seminar. 

Meet like-minded stock pickers

Swap notes with like-minded investors who also look for companies outside the blue-chip corporate pen, investors who understand that you need to invest not just equity, but also time and energy if you are to uncover the real jewels.

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