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Kempen & Co is a leading established securities broker. We have been around the securities market since 1903 and we were the first Dutch broker in New York. But we do not rest on our laurels. Kempen & Co consistently takes a leading position in the market for our specialisations, resulting in enviable returns thanks to our ability to join forces with a diverse group of clients from around the world. Asset managers, pension funds, insurers, hedge funds and some of the largest institutional investors across the map have drawn from our expertise in Local Alpha, European real estate, Infrastructure and European life sciences. And our expertise has earned us top ratings from prestigious organizations such as Thomson Reuters Extel – just one example of how we have become a powerful niche player in the international banking arena. 

So while we may not do everything, everything we do is world worthy. 

Research – ideas, analysis, performance

Kempen & Co Securities’ research analysts are the best of breed in their sector. These are Europe’s finest thinkers, following over 150 listed companies for Local Alpha, European real estate, Infrastructure and European life sciences going beyond maintenance analysis with groundbreaking ideas that translate into enviable performance. 

Our research reports are exclusively offered to our clients through the following site 

Trading & Sales Trading– dedicated excellence 

It speaks for itself that our dedicated traders execute orders with precision. Thanks to our independent nature and a vast network, they can truly put our clients’ best interests in the forefront when it comes to market liquidity and reducing market impact.

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Securities Management Team

Jetze Oosthoek
Jaap Kuin
Vincent Willink

Corporate social responsibility in Securities

ESG criteria, the guiding principles for research

Screening for compliance with the environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria forms an integral part of our share selection process. The same ESG criteria are applied in the Securities research reports.


Securities focuses on securities broking drawing on specialist knowledge of the niche segments of Local Alpha, European real estate, Infrastructure and European life sciences, as well as the recent addition of Financial Institutions & FinTech. Our highly skilled experts prepare independent, in-depth analyses of countries and markets, and conduct interviews with companies. Based on the results, they prepare research reports for clients – in many cases large investment funds, pension funds and asset managers. 


In preparing our analyses, we adhere to the Kempen & Co screening policy. For this purpose, we have engaged the services of an external agency, GES, an approved and reputable Swedish agency specializing in screening companies and investment funds for compliance with the ESG criteria for sustainability in aspects pertaining to the environment, social policy and governance. 


Any sign of any company’s transgression of the ESG limits will immediately be picked up, and Kempen & Co will be notified without delay. This will prompt Kempen & Co into entering into dialogue with the company’s management board on the ESG limits in dispute. Securities will report this in their research report. For instance, if a company fails to meet the environmental criteria, Securities will mention this in their report, as well as the fact that action was taken by Kempen & Co or GES. 

Complaints Procedure