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2021, 27 October

The Dividend Letter

Selecting the right stocks for your dividend fund is a more complicated process than simply picking the company with the highest dividend. For the Kempen European High Dividend Fund and the Kempen Global High Dividend Fund, we use a thorough evaluation framework that focuses not only on valuation, but also on growth opportunities, business quality, management quality and capital allocation, among others.

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2021, 22 October

Kempen Capital Management named Financial News Fiduciary Manager of the Year for third year in a row

For the third year in a row, Kempen Capital Management U.K. wins the Fiduciary Manager of the Year award at Financial News’ 20th annual Asset Management Awards Europe. At an online award ceremony, Kempen was praised for its continued growth of the U.K. business in the institutional market.

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2021, 21 October

What does a good cop look like?

The COP26 climate conference begins in less than two weeks. What will a successful outcome look like? At Kempen, we believe markets will respond well if global leaders make more detailed commitments to net zero and move towards a minimum price on carbon.

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2021, 21 October

An investor’s guide to climate collaboration

This handbook explains how sector-wide engagement can lead to dramatic and rapid changes in Real Assets investments.

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2021, 20 October

Climate change

Climate Change is one of the greatest challenges we confront in human history. Decades of scientific evidence from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) detail the necessity of significant transition to contain severe climate-related risks.

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2021, 18 October

Andreas Welter to join Kempen Real Assets team

Kempen Capital Management (Kempen) is pleased to announce that as of November 1st, Andreas Welter will further strengthen the Kempen Real Assets team. Andreas joins Kempen as a Director focusing on our Listed Real Estate strategies.

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2021, 13 October

Kempen Real Estate Update: 2021 – Bringing Private Real Estate Back to the Future

The process for investing in private real estate funds has been unchanged for more than 25 years. However, the investment world has come a long way since then – from using simple property tours and word of mouth, to fully integrating big data and ESG. The time for private real estate investing to evolve is now. We want to show you our rejuvenated version of this aged model.

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2021, 11 October

Asset Allocation Outlook October

Equity markets had a tough time of it in September. Less growth, more inflation, central banks moving towards tapering their highly-expansionary monetary policies and pushing up bond yields in the process, as well as concerns about the Chinese economy, caused many markets to close the month in the red. After noting a loss in January, it was only the second monthly loss for the MSCI global equity index so far this year. The global equity index was down by 4.2% (in US dollars), with little difference between industrialised countries and emerging markets. Europe (-3.5% in euros) held up slightly better than the US (-4.8% in US dollars). Japan was the notable exception at a plus of 3.5% (in yen); markets anticipate a more expansionary fiscal policy there under a new government.

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2021, 07 October

Global Impact Pool Quarterly

We are pleased to report on the second quarter of 2021 for Kempen’s Global Impact Pool, in which we continued to deploy capital towards the Global Impact Pool’s mission, which is to make investments that positively contribute to solving global problems around the food, water and climate nexus and five Sustainable Development Goals.

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