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2020, 07 February

Kempen's Commentary

Insurers, pension funds, banks and family offices help their end customers to meet future obligations. In order to achieve that, returns must be realised. Asset managers must deliver those returns for all stakeholders and at the same time manage the client’s capital in a responsible way. It’s widely known that the majority of active investors is unable to beat its benchmark. They tell great stories, charge high costs and in the end deliver the same results as products that follow an index. It’s therefore understandable that investment portfolios are increasingly filled with passive products. Buyers are sick of it.

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2020, 06 February

Monthly Commentary

Sometimes, especially when global equities have reached another all-time high and gilt yields are close to another all-time low, it might seem like the monthly comment is at risk of being repetitive. However, at Kempen we strive to bring you the juicer stories. So, whilst equity markets did indeed hit another all-time high, and gilt yields did indeed hover around all-time lows there were plenty of other things going on.

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2020, 05 February

Kempen further strengthens UK team with new senior appointment

Kempen Capital Management (Kempen) has further strengthened its UK business development team with the appointment of Lara Edmonstone-West as director. This follows a number of recent senior hires in the UK office.

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2020, 30 January

Kempen launches renewable energy equities research team

Kempen & Co (Kempen) is proud to announce the launch of a new range of research reports on companies and funds operating in the renewable energy sector.

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2020, 27 January

Kempen Global Impact Pool passes €100 million mark

The Kempen Global Impact Pool has broken the €100 million barrier in assets under management. Launched in January 2018, the pool invests exclusively in funds that make a positive contribution to society and climate and in doing so aims to earn a financial return in line with the market.

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2020, 24 January

Kempen's Commentary

Last week, the US and China signed their ‘phase one’ trade deal. Even though the really difficult subjects will only be discussed in phase 2 (or perhaps even phase 3?), this is still a sign of relaxation between the two super powers. Moreover, the US no longer labels China as a ‘currency manipulator’. China has had that status since August last year. It must be said that the Chinese currency has risen sharply since then. The US deems it manipulation when a country pushes its currency downwards and not when this is done in an upward direction. A cheap currency strengthens the export position of a country, that’s why it’s considered as unfair competition.

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2020, 22 January

Kempen sharpens its focus on alternative investments with the appointment of Anne Mei Poppe

Kempen Capital Management (Kempen) has strengthened its alternative solutions team with the appointment of Anne Mei Poppe as alternative investment specialist. Her appointment demonstrates Kempen’s commitment to boosting growth in alternative investments.

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2020, 21 January

Kempen Real Estate Update: Barbarians at the gates

A recurring and important question regarding all shapes and forms of prudent investing across all asset classes and instruments is “how do I get my money back?”. Whereas larger institutional investors may have the luxury of investing with nearly perpetual time horizons, for retail investors and institutional investors with stringent spending requirements (foundations, endowments, insurance etc..), this question is of the utmost importance as often they do not have this luxury option. With the recent suspension of trading at several UK open-ended retail property funds (also known as gating), and redemptions in one US ODCE fund, we explore this topic further and look into how investors can avoid being caught in gated property funds.

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2020, 14 January

Kempen boosts Client Solutions team with the appointment of Peter Ruesink

Kempen Capital Management (Kempen) has appointed Peter Ruesink as Fiduciary Manager/Client Director of the Client Solutions team as of 1 January. He will focus specifically on serving institutional fiduciary clients using his expertise on data science strategies. With this appointment, Kempen further specialises as a data driven organisation.

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