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2017, 03 May

The case for listed infrastructure

Real assets, including infrastructure, will continue to be important in the asset allocation debate. Even if bond yields were to rise, they will do so gradually and the insurance and pension industry would still struggle to cover its long-term liabilities by investing in bonds.

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2017, 01 May

Fewer and fewer worries…

One by one, investors’ worries are slowly fading into the background. In particular European equities have profited from this. We believe the party is not yet over, corporate earnings growth is simply too good and the trend too robust, but investors will gradually have to start thinking about becoming a little less optimistic.

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2017, 30 April

Whitepaper Direct lending

The aim of this paper is to examine the characteristics, risks, advantages and disadvantages of direct lending, to contribute to a balanced discussion of this asset class.

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2017, 24 April

Kempen launches Structured Credit Pool

Kempen Capital Management (Kempen) has launched an innovative solution that enables professional investors to easily access the Structured Credit market in a cost-efficient manner

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2017, 21 April

French presidential elections neck-and-neck race

2017 is an election year in Europe. Investors have their focus on France now, where the people go to vote on the 23rd of April to elect a new president.

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2017, 18 April

Stichting Pensioenfonds UWV signs letter of intent with Kempen

Stichting Pensioenfonds UWV (Employee Insurance Agency Pension Fund; Pf UWV) has signed a draft agreement to appoint Kempen Capital Management N.V. (Kempen) as their fiduciary manager, to take effect from 1 October 2017.

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2017, 14 April

Economic optimism

The rally in US equities and bond yields ground to a temporary halt last month. In Europe, there was a sense of relief after the VVD won the Dutch general elections.

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2017, 22 March

Can New York teach Berlin a history lesson?

I recently took a stroll down memory lane to compare the dynamics behind the largest default in real estate history to today's residential sector in Berlin. Please see my missive below...

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2017, 16 March

Takeaways from our European days in NYC

Last week we hosted our 10th European Property Conference in New York, which with 19 companies from all over Europe and some 45 investors was again a great success.

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