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2019, 20 March

March to a domestic bias

Many investment managers believe that you should avoid home bias when managing long term investments. Concentrating too much on your domestic market can leave you exposed to the changing fortunes of local economies. But here, Nikesh Patel, Head of Investment Strategy at UK Kempen Capital Management, argues that the unique nature of the UK’s capital markets means that pension funds are rightly showing more UK bias in their portfolios.

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2018, 01 August

Total Cost of Ownership: A framework for ETFs

The indexing landscape has changed. Investors have four options when considering how to implement index mandates: index mutual funds (IMF), Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), derivatives or separate accounts. In this paper, we focus on ETFs and when and why it might potentially be more efficient from a cost perspective to use an ETF instead of an alternative wrapper.

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2018, 30 May

White paper Infrastructure

Infrastructure comprises all the facilities that are crucial to the proper functioning of the economy and society. This includes toll roads, airports and ports, but also drinking water systems, power stations and wind farms. This makes infrastructure a highly diverse asset class. Compared to listed equity investments, for example, it is also a relatively defensive asset class. This is due to the stability of infrastructure assets and the essential nature of the related services.

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2018, 08 March

White paper Long-term investing in public equity markets

Jaap van Dam and Lars Dijkstra authored a white paper for the 300 Club on the 'how to' of long-term investing.

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2018, 26 January

White paper Private Equity

The aim of this white paper is to examine the characteristics, opportunities and advantages and disadvantages of private equity. We look at the European private equity market in more detail, for illustrative purposes. In this way we expect to contribute to a balanced discussion of this asset class.

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2018, 16 January

White paper Real Estate

What can be the benefits of combining listed and non-listed real estate investments in a portfolio? This white paper aims to provide an answer to this question.

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2017, 01 November

Dusk of Unconventional Monetary Policies for the Fed & the ECB

Like the light that dwindles at sunset, the central banks are now preparing to curtail their unconventional monetary policies. Now, the time is right for a review of how the rates were affected by such policies, as well as where the rates may trail in the future.

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2017, 12 September

What to expect in a low spread environment

The European corporate bond market has performed very strongly in recent years. As a result, credit spreads have tightened to low levels and differences in the creditworthiness of companies are to a large extent no longer reflected in spread levels.

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2017, 30 April

Whitepaper Direct lending

The aim of this paper is to examine the characteristics, risks, advantages and disadvantages of direct lending, to contribute to a balanced discussion of this asset class.

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