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2017, 08 June

Kempen wins two SRP Structured Products & Derivatives Awards

Kempen & Co achieved three #1 positions in the category real estate at the presentation of the Extel Awards. Kempen & Co was not only selected as the best brokerage firm on both a team and an individual basis, but the European Property Seminar, organised by Kempen & Co for the 15th year running this year, was also selected as the best real estate conference according to corporate voters.

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2017, 01 June

Bloomberg interview: Tower sector may see M&A ‘turmoil’

Yesterday Bloomberg contacted me in relation to what has been a strong day for the shares of the European listed tower companies. On the back of take-over rumors Cellnex and INWIT closed the day up +4.2% and +4.7% respectively. Find here our view on what we expect to happen next.

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2017, 01 June

The extra mile(stones)

We are celebrating yet another milestone at the Kempen Property Team: the 2017 edition next week will be the 15th European Property Seminar in Amsterdam!

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2017, 03 May

The case for listed infrastructure

Real assets, including infrastructure, will continue to be important in the asset allocation debate. Even if bond yields were to rise, they will do so gradually and the insurance and pension industry would still struggle to cover its long-term liabilities by investing in bonds.

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2017, 22 March

Can New York teach Berlin a history lesson?

I recently took a stroll down memory lane to compare the dynamics behind the largest default in real estate history to today's residential sector in Berlin. Please see my missive below...

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2017, 16 March

Takeaways from our European days in NYC

Last week we hosted our 10th European Property Conference in New York, which with 19 companies from all over Europe and some 45 investors was again a great success.

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2017, 06 March

Around Europe in one and a half days

We are celebrating a milestone at the Kempen Property Team: the 2017 conference will be the 10th edition of the European Property Seminar in NYC! But this is far from the only reason why 2017 is a special year.

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2017, 03 February

Kempen wins two SRP Structured Products & Derivatives Awards

During the awards ceremony of the SRP Structured Products; Derivatives Awards 2017, Kempen received the ‘Regional awards - The Netherlands’ for ‘Best Distributor’ – for the third consecutive year.

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2016, 21 November

Why brokers aren't extinct today. Just a different breed.

Today, they’re but a fading memory — those days when stock exchanges had a monopoly on liquidity and a broker not only directed the investor’s access to the markets, but he (and tended to be a ‘he’ back then) also earned a handsome commission for his efforts.

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2019, 23 July

Kempen European Private Equity Fund acquires an interest in high-precision sheet metal processing company Wilvo Group.

Amsterdam, 23 July 2019. The Kempen European Private Equity Fund has acquired a significant direct interest in Wilvo Group B.V. (‘Wilvo Group’). Wilvo Group is a family business in the province of Brabant in the Netherlands that has evolved into a specialist in the processing of thin sheet metal and precision parts assembly.

2019, 17 July

Kempen European Private Equity Fund acquires a significant interest in Avion Group.

Amsterdam, 17 July 2019. The Kempen European Private Equity Fund has taken a significant interest in Avion Group B.V. (‘Avion’). Avion is a Dutch developer and manufacturer of high-tech full-motion flight simulators. The company serves an international customer base consisting of flight schools and airline companies.

2019, 18 June

Kempen European Private Equity Fund reaches over €120 million after second closing

Amsterdam, 18 June 2019. The private equity fund of Kempen Capital Management (Kempen), the Kempen European Private Equity Fund, has raised over €45 million in the second closing on 14 June 2019. Following the second closing, the fund has a fund size of more than €120 million.

2019, 06 June

Phishing: how to recognize it?

In the past few months, cyber criminals have been very active sending out phishing emails and text messages to clients of banks and financial institutions. As far as we know, they have not targeted any clients of Kempen. Nevertheless, we would like to inform you about how you can prevent cyber thieves from accessing your personal details and using them for fraudulent purposes.

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