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2019, 21 May

Investing with a purpose

In this quarterly newsletter, we take a closer look at the world of responsible and sustainable investment. At Kempen Capital Management N.V. (hereafter Kempen), Environmental Social Governance (ESG) factors are fully integrated throughout our investment process, and for us responsible investment means being good stewards of the companies that we invest in. We encourage positive change through engagement with the management of our investee companies and through actively using our shareholder voting rights.

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2019, 15 May

Responsible Investment Report 2018

Today we published our Annual Responsible Investment Report which gives you an overview of our responsible investment activities in 2018 to drive positive change in environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. In this report we demonstrate how engagement brings about change. This active approach helps companies and funds understand that sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It’s about doing more good.

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2019, 10 April

Kempen Insight - April 2019

Our Spring edition focuses on ‘Doing well by doing good’. How do you measure impact investing? How do we transfer world stage trends to the level of our own investments, portfolio or pension fund? You can read more on the latest edition of our magazine.

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2018, 03 October

Kempen Outlook 2019

At this time of the year, we traditionally take a joint look at the future and present our Macro Outlook for 2019. Last year, we concluded that in spite of the long bull market the current phase of the economic cycle would continue for some time yet. We certainly wouldn’t dare say the same this year, and this explains our additional focus on a number of alternative scenarios.

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2018, 17 July

Kempen Insight

The central theme of the summer edition of Kempen Insight is ESG (environmental, social, and governance topics). Responsible investment is increasingly a top-of-mind subject for companies and investors, but what does that mean in practice? Hint: it may involve a great deal more than a list of exclusions… Enjoy your summer!

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2018, 04 April

Kempen Insight - March 2018

In this edition, we consider the inflation dilemma, and focus on what we can learn from investing in Japan. We cover recent developments in real estate, the language of sustainable investing, and take a closer look at UK family offices and the latest in pension fund ESG policies.

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2017, 02 November

Kempen Insight - Turning views into value

In our Outlook we look forward to 2018 and beyond. We dare to predict that a number of interest rate hikes will be implemented in the US. What are the repercussions for asset allocation? We also examine a couple of interesting asset classes: real assets (trees, land, roads, buildings), private equity and high yield.

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2017, 18 September

Quarterly Kempen (Lux) Global Small-cap Fund

This third Quarterly of 2017 provides further insight in the investment process of the Kempen (Lux) Global Small-cap Fund: investment case First Solar, interview with Niels van de Westelaken, Van Lanschot advisor.

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2017, 13 July

Kempen Insight July 2017

Turning ideas into reality is the theme of this summer edition with innovative investment strategies, for instance the impact investing pool. Other ideas have had time to grow and thrive, like the Kempen (Lux) Global Small-cap Fund and the Kempen Global Real Estate Fund. Both funds reached a three year track record this summer.

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2017, 08 May

Quarterly Kempen (Lux) Global Small-cap Fund

This second Quarterly of 2017 is dedicated to provide further insight in our investment process. As you have come to expect, we present an investment case: Spirit Airlines and tell you about our business trip to Orlando. We hope you enjoy this new issue and welcome your feedback.

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2017, 01 March

Kempen Insight Maart 2017

This edition is all about making choices. In Europe there are a lot of political choices to be made, but also investors have to navigate their way between the various options and scenarios.

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2017, 06 February

Quarterly Kempen (Lux) Global Small-cap Fund

The Kempen (Lux) Global Small-cap Fund invests globally in smaller listed companies. About 12 percent of the portfolio comprises Japanese companies. In November 2016, Portfolio Manager Chris Kaashoek travelled to the Far East to visit several companies.

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2019, 18 June

Kempen European Private Equity Fund reaches over €120 million after second closing

Amsterdam, 18 June 2019. The private equity fund of Kempen Capital Management (Kempen), the Kempen European Private Equity Fund, has raised over €45 million in the second closing on 14 June 2019. Following the second closing, the fund has a fund size of more than €120 million.

2019, 06 June

Phishing: how to recognize it?

In the past few months, cyber criminals have been very active sending out phishing emails and text messages to clients of banks and financial institutions. As far as we know, they have not targeted any clients of Kempen. Nevertheless, we would like to inform you about how you can prevent cyber thieves from accessing your personal details and using them for fraudulent purposes.

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2019, 20 May

Kempen names new heads real assets team

Amsterdam – 20 May 2019 Starting from 1 August 2019, Jorrit Arissen and Egbert Nijmeijer will assume responsibility for the Real Assets team of Kempen Capital Management. They will succeed Matthijs Storm, who has accepted a position on the board of directors of a real estate company.

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2019, 14 May

Kempen strengthens the Responsible Investment team

London / Amsterdam, 14 May 2019. Kempen Capital Management N.V. (Kempen) has appointed Eszter Vitorino Fuleky to the position of Senior Responsible Investment Advisor. Within the Responsible Investment team, she will focus predominantly on corporate governance.

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