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2020, 07 September

Van Lanschot Kempen appoints Jeroen Berns Head of Kempen Merchant Banking

Van Lanschot Kempen announces today that Jeroen Berns will be appointed as Head of Kempen Merchant Banking per 14 September. The activities of Merchant Banking include Corporate Finance, Equity Capital Markets and Securities.

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2020, 03 September

Kempen launches sustainable dividend fund

Today, Kempen Capital Management (Kempen) will launch the Kempen Sustainable Global High Dividend Fund. The introduction of this new fund represents an important addition to the current range of dividend products that Kempen has to offer in the market. This sustainable dividend solution is created in collaboration with our clients, who are looking for direct income in a more sustainable investment world.

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2020, 01 September

Van Lanschot Kempen appoints Erik van Houwelingen to Executive Board

Van Lanschot Kempen announced today that Erik van Houwelingen will join its Executive Board per 15 November. Erik will be responsible for Asset Management, one of Van Lanschot Kempen’s core activities, and he will also take on the chair of the Board of Kempen Capital Management, subject to regulatory approval. Erik van Houwelingen succeeds Leni Boeren, who stepped down earlier this year.

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2020, 27 August

Three years of Kempen (Lux) Euro High Yield Fund

This year, the Kempen (Lux) Euro High Yield Fund of Kempen Capital Management (Kempen) celebrates its third anniversary. This milestone coincides with the achievement of a total of € 250 million in assets under management. The high yield fund further expanded the range of corporate bond funds within Kempen, and contributed to the strengthening of Kempen’s credit expertise. The average annual return of the fund over this period of time stands at 3.0% as compared with 1.9% for the benchmark*.

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