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2022, 20 January

Tracking & Engaging: Our approach to getting Real Estate Paris-Proof

Man-made climate change produces the largest challenge for our generation. The quest to align the economy in all its complexity with a new, carbon-neutral reality is cumbersome and has many an obstacle. We, as investors are at the precipice of a new age, where the goal is no longer merely about short-term financial returns, but using our power as asset allocators to guide our society to a more sustainable future. At the Kempen Real Assets team, we aspire to meet this challenge head-on, by actively engaging with companies and funds in the Real Assets sector to better participate in the energy transition. This piece discusses some of the initial findings from our sector-wide engagement, in the Real Estate sector specifically.

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2022, 18 January

Global Impact Pool Quarterly

We are pleased to report on the third quarter of 2021 for Kempen’s Global Impact Pool, in which we continued to deploy capital towards the Global Impact Pool’s mission, which is to make investments that positively contribute to solving global problems around the food, water and climate nexus and five Sustainable Development Goals.

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2022, 17 January

Infrastructure has an attractive return potential after the pandemic and provides a hedge against inflation

According to experts, 75% of the world’s infrastructure in 2050 doesn’t exist yet. This means that a huge amount of new infrastructure is going to be built over the next 30 years, and a huge amount of investment will be required to do so.

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2022, 13 January

Joris Franssen has been appointed Head of Kempen Dividend strategy

Kempen is pleased to announce that Joris Franssen has been appointed Head of the Dividend team, effective 1 April 2022. After careful consideration and a more than 20 year career in dividend investing, Jorik van den Bos has decided to pursue other career ambitions outside dividend investing and as a consequence will leave Kempen.

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2022, 13 January

Asset Allocation Outlook January

Although the rapid spread of the Omicron variant briefly gave investors the jitters, equity markets closed December higher. The MSCI global equity index noted a plus of nearly 4% . At a return of 1.6% emerging markets again lagged behind industrialised countries, which climbed by 4.2%. That brought another wonderful year for equities to a close, with gains of 16.8% for the global index. There are sizeable differences between regions though. While European equities, which earned a return of 20.4%, were more or less able to keep up with their US counterparts (+26.9%), equities from the Pacific region marked time and emerging market equities were down by 4.6%. The AEX posted an excellent performance of 27.7%, while UK equities lagged behind the global index somewhat at a return of 14.4%.

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2022, 12 January

Kempen Capital Management issues open letter to Fujitec’s Board of Directors

Kempen expresses concerns over disappointing mid-term plan and inadequate corporate governance at Fujitec

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2022, 10 January

Third anniversary for Kempen (Lux) Global Listed Infrastructure Fund

This month, Kempen (Lux) Global Listed Infrastructure Fund this month celebrates its third anniversary. Since its launch in 2019 the fund has achieved a net annualised return of 13.1% per year (vs. 11.5% for the index)*.

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2021, 22 December

Exclusive online Christmas concert from The Concertgebouw

Unfortunately, corona also prevented us from meeting each other in person this year. Not at one of our offices, nor during a musical evening in the Concertgebouw. That is why we have recorded a beautiful Christmas concert exclusively for you, including Dutch singer Trijntje Oosterhuis.

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2021, 13 December

Why we need a ‘keep 1.5 alive’ equivalent for biodiversity?

Although the rush of climate announcements and pledges at COP26 have grabbed most of the headlines, the COP in Glasgow was not the only COP that took place this year.

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2021, 10 December

Asset Allocation Outlook December

Equity markets spent most of November heading for another positive monthly result. High inflation and central banks that perhaps ought to have responded by introducing slightly less expansionary policies slowed the pace somewhat but not enough to reverse the upward trend. Until the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus came along. A great deal is still unknown about this variant but so far it has only had a small effect on the equity markets.

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2021, 07 December

Kempen announces fiduciary mandate wins for Stonegate’s Pension Schemes

Kempen Capital Management UK (Kempen) has completed the onboarding of two new fiduciary management mandates for Stonegate’s Pension Schemes.

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2021, 24 November

Arjo UK Pension Scheme selects Kempen as its fiduciary manager

Arjo UK Pension Scheme has selected Kempen Capital Management UK (Kempen) to be its new fiduciary manager for its defined benefit pension scheme.

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2021, 10 November

Asset Allocation Outlook November

The concerns about rising inflation have not dissipated and central banks are clearly moving towards less expansionary policies. Yet this didn’t stop the MSCI global equity index from recouping its losses from September in October.

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