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2021, 09 August

Asset Allocation Outlook August

Despite equity investors occasionally casting worried glances at the spread of the Delta variant, markets closed the month of July up. The MSCI World index climbed by 0.7% (in US dollars), mainly fuelled by developed markets. Emerging markets had a tougher time, with the MSCI Emerging Markets index down by 6.7% (also in US dollars).

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2021, 16 July

Kempen European Private Equity Fund I acquires interest in German heinekingmedia

The Kempen European Private Equity Fund I, a private equity investment fund of Kempen Capital Management (Kempen), today announced the acquisition of a direct interest in heinekingmedia GmbH. heinekingmedia is a German company founded in 2006 offering hardware and software solutions to educational institutions for the purpose of digitalisation and optimisation of the flow of information and communication for the benefit of teachers, students, and parents.

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2021, 15 July

Credit quarterly newsletter

Kempen’s Credit team immerses itself in the credit markets on a daily basis. As these markets can change rapidly, it’s vital for the team to be on top of all the latest developments, understand what’s going on and adjust its portfolios accordingly if necessary. The team receives regular enquiries from our clients about its views on the credit markets and where the best opportunities currently lie, so we publish a quarterly credit newsletter providing the team’s views on a topic of interest. In this edition, we talk about our approach 'alpha by control' and more specific how to generate alpha in a low-spread environment.

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2021, 14 July

Asset Allocation Outlook July

We’re already halfway through 2021. At a total return in local currency of over 30%, commodities stand head and shoulders above the other asset classes. The positive climate for risky investments can clearly be seen from the difference between oil and gold. The oil price climbed by about 50%, while the price of gold fell by 8%. Equities also performed well.

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2021, 13 July

Kempen to introduce second European private equity fund

Kempen Capital Management (Kempen) will launch the Kempen European Private Equity Fund II. The introduction of this new private equity fund represents an important addition to the current range of investment products within private markets offered by Kempen. This fund will focus on small and medium-sized private enterprises in Northern and Western Europe with an enterprise value of up to €100 million.

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2021, 13 July

Kempen Real Estate Update: 2021 – Turning up the volume, cutting through the noise

The rapid growth of responsible investing has been accompanied by a surge in the provision of ESG data, and it is big business, with over a billion dollars expected to be spent on ESG data points this year alone. Behind the scenes, ESG data providers are poring over reams and reams of data to score companies and portfolios, and to set benchmarks and standards in a nascent industry.

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2021, 12 July

Sustainable investment: The ‘why’ is clearer, as the ‘how’ get more complex

With a closing window of opportunity to prevent irreversible climate change and biodiversity loss, and an urgent need to rebuild a fairer global economy in the wake of the pandemic, investors can no longer rely on a myopic focus on short-term gains. Investors are increasingly expected to go well beyond traditional notions of financial returns or liability matching and consider how their investments impact wider society and the environment.

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2021, 07 July

Global Impact Pool Quarterly

We are pleased to report on the first quarter of 2021 for Kempen’s Global Impact Pool, in which we continued to deploy capital towards the Global Impact Pool’s mission, which is to make investments that positively contribute to solving global problems around the food, water and climate nexus and five Sustainable Development Goals.

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2021, 06 July

Van Lanschot Kempen appoints Lars Dijkstra as Chief Sustainability Officer

Van Lanschot Kempen today announced the appointment of Lars Dijkstra as Chief Sustainability Officer. In this newly created capacity, Lars Dijkstra will head up the Sustainability Centre and report directly to the Chairman of the Management Board. The Sustainability Centre brings together and coordinates all sustainability activities at Van Lanschot Kempen.

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