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Private Equity: Small is Beautiful

20 May 2019

Much of what we consume today, be it goods or services, is developed, produced and delivered by small and medium sized companies. In fact, according to Eurostat, the overwhelming majority (99.8 %) of enterprises active within the EU are small and medium sized companies, some 23.3 million. Together they account for two out of every three jobs and for 57.4 % of value added within the economy.

These small companies, with an enterprise value up to €100m, are a key contributor to the overall economy, according to the figures published by the European Commission3. Moreover, all successful large-cap companies that are around today, have spent much of their existence as fast growing small companies. Consequently, many investors may be keen to tap into the growth potential at the smaller end of the market.

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2019, 11 June

Small is beautiful


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