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Whitepaper: High yield in a broad perspective

25 November 2019
The size of the fixed-income investment markets has grown considerably over the past decade. Existing investment classes have grown significantly, but also new fixed-income asset classes have become available to investors. The accommodative policy of central banks with low interest rates has spurred a search for yield that has led to an increase in capital made available for lending. At the same time, the past few years’ robust economic growth has led to a credit demand for growth, investments, mergers, and acquisitions. In emerging economies, particularly fixed-income markets in local currencies have shown significant growth.

Our whitepaper provides an overview of the most important markets in the high-yield spectrum for the purpose of helping investors choose between these markets for their investment portfolio. In this context, we will limit ourselves to those markets that are sufficiently large and tradable to qualify for investments. 

Click on the link below to download the whitepaper.

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