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Annual impact report: Global Impact Pool

07 June 2021

The economic and social ramifications of the COVID 19 pandemic has shaped 2020 and is continuing to affect lives across the world. It has caused massive disruptions and challenges in the way the world operates. COVID 19 also tested the preparedness and ability to adapt. So far the Global Impact Pool (GIP), our investment partners and our investees, are generally well positioned to weather the storm and we have continued to deploy capital in line with our dual mission of contributing to positive environmental and social outcomes while realising market rate financial return.

This report highlights and quantifies the progress we are making in helping to change lives and benefit the planet. We highlight how the GIP has contributed to our target Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outcomes and sub targets in 2020. This year we decided to organise the report around the four themes of the GIP basic needs: well-being, climate energy, SME development decent work, and circular economy. In combination with the five impact dimensions of the Impact Management Project (IMP) this allows us to highlight the contribution our investees have made to the impact focus of the GIP.

Each of us can make a difference, together we make change.

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2021, 07 June

Annual Impact Pool 2020


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