Trends Investment Summit

Trends Investment Summit 1

Global Small-Caps portfolio manager Maarten Vankan gave a presentation with the title “Small-caps, a factor that matters”, detailing three important themes related to small-cap investing and our view thereon. These themes were illustrated by three investment cases from the Kempen Global Small-cap strategy. Incidentally, two of these investment cases have been discussed in previous editions of our quarterly, and can be found here (Del Frisco) and here (Kronos), whereas the third (Brunswick) is discussed in this quarterly.

First of all we explained why we believe adding small-caps to your portfolio is a great idea from a risk/reward perspective. Small-caps historically performed better than large-caps, by approximately 2% per annum over the long term, which is also known as the small-cap premium. On top of this we explained that the probability of losing money in small-caps has historically been lower for small caps than for large caps, in the case of investment horizons longer than three years.*

Secondly we discussed why we think small-cap investing should be implemented with an active manager. Small-cap stocks are generally under-researched and hence a less efficient part of the equity market. This allows active managers to add value through stock selection. Kempen Capital Management has a strong track record managing active small-cap portfolios. A great example is our Kempen Orange Fund which on average has outperformed its GPRDSC-index by about 2% per annum since its launch in 1991.

Last but not least, the small-caps universe is perfectly suited to implement environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors and to truly engage with companies. Investors have better access to management teams, which means that engaged shareholders are better able to have an impact on the strategy of a company. An additional benefit is that portfolio managers are better able to understand the quality and the characteristics of management team members, as well as their interaction as a team. This helps to predict the actions management teams will make in the future, particularly in more uncertain periods of time.

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The day ended with a dinner during which the Morningstar awards for Belgium were awarded. All in all, we look back on a very good event and already look forward to next year’s edition!

*Source: Kempen, Kenneth French US return data, 1946-June 2017, 1946=100. Large-caps defined as the 30% stocks with the largest market capitalisation, small-caps as the bottom 70% of stocks. This approach proxies MSCI definition. From, June 2017.

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