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Kempen launches renewable energy equities research team

30 January 2020
The research team comprises Kempen’s equity analysts Charles Maynadier, Juri Zanieri and Stuart Gillies; a team with many years’ experience in the infrastructure sector. Kempen can thus now offer institutional investors access to dedicated, high-quality equity research on companies and funds in the renewable energy sector. 
The first four companies to be analysed are: Greencoat UK Wind, Greencoat Renewables, NextEnergy Solar and Bluefield Solar. 
Charles Maynadier, equity analyst at Kempen & Co explains: “At Kempen, we believe the global energy sector is currently facing two major challenges: on the one hand, there’s the need to meet the growing demand for energy and, on the other, the need to reduce CO2 emissions. 
“As we see it, we stand on the forefront of an energy transition to low-carbon energy sources and further electrification of society. We are witnessing a sharp upturn in demand for equity research into funds that offer technological solutions in this transition. 
“This step fits within both Kempen’s strategy of specialisation and focus on specific industries and the significant growth it forecasts for the renewable energy market.” 
Elbert Rodenburg, Managing Director Securities at Kempen & Co: “We are very keen to set to work on equity research in the renewable energy sector. This step allows us to respond to the ongoing professionalisation of the relatively young market for renewable energy. We have put together a highlyskilled, experienced team that unites a large amount of market knowledge and expertise for making this niche line of research a success.” 
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