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Dutch financials make significant progress with PCAF carbon accounting methodology

This is shown in the most recent report from the seventeen Dutch participants in PCAF, which was presented today at the climate summit in Madrid and was handed over to Climate Emissary of the Dutch government, Marcel Beukeboom.

More extensive methodology

In the report, the seventeen PCAF participants, including Van Lanschot Kempen, provide an update on the progress made with the PCAF method, a method for reporting carbon emissions of the activities of financial institutions. This method has been further expanded in the past year, making it applicable to more types of loans and investments. The report also offers other financials tools on how to apply the PCAF method.

Van Lanschot Kempen has been taking part in the initiative since the establishment of PCAF in 2015, first through the sounding board and since 2018 as a participant.

More information about PCAF


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