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Kempen Capital Management launches Private Markets Fund

In this combination, the fund now provides access to market segments that were traditionally only accessible to large institutional parties, due to their previous high entry level, complexity, and operational requirements.

Kempen’s new Private Markets Fund invests via selected fund managers in unlisted private equity, infrastructure, land (agricultural land and forestry), and real estate. Within the private equity class, the fund will focus on a wide diversity of underlying investments, with venture capital and small and lower mid-market buy-outs in Europe as the main subclasses. Within the other asset classes, the fund will invest on a global scale with a focus on developed markets.

The composition of the fund is based on long-term developments and trends that Kempen monitors closely, providing investors with a ready-made allocation within private markets. Sven Smeets, Cohead of the Private Markets Fund, comments: “We have built the most efficient and accessible fund possible, designed to give investors access to diversified private markets in one place.

“The Private Markets Fund adds diversification to the traditional asset classes. In the Netherlands, it is a virtually unique combination. We can offer this opportunity by building on the expertise within our team and the knowledge of Kempen’s specialised departments.”

The Private Markets Fund is available for professional investors in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

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Kempen Private Markets Fund (the Sub-Fund) is a sub-fund of Kempen Alternative Markets Fund Sicav (the “Fund”), domiciled in Luxembourg. Kempen Capital Management N.V. (KCM) is the management company of the Fund. KCM is authorised as a management company and regulated by The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets. The Sub-Fund is registered under the license of the Fund at The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets and not subject to Luxembourg supervision. The information in this document provides insufficient information for an investment decision. Please read the prospectus and the Essential information Document. These documents of the Sub-Fund are available on the website of KCM (


The Sub-Fund is registered for offering in a limited number of countries. The countries where the Sub-Fund is registered can be found on the website. The value of your investment may fluctuate. Past performance provides no guarantee for the future. The Fund is only available for professional investors and well-informed investors.


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