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COVRA selects Kempen as their fiduciary manager

COVRA is the only recognized organisation in the Netherlands that is authorized to collect, process, package, and store radioactive waste. COVRA’s investment horizon runs until 2130. The current Dutch policy regarding radioactive waste is one of the reasons behind this exceptionally long term. Current and future waste must be stored above ground for at least a century. Once this time has lapsed, the waste must be permanently buried in deep geological formations.

The CEO of COVRA, Jan Boelen, stated: ‘Facilitating final disposal requires financial capital. In Kempen, we have found a partner who is able to pursue this long-term goal together with us. During our selection procedure, we have come to know Kempen as a professional and experienced fiduciary manager. Together, we have made preparations to invest the initial funds in December.’  

Kempen was appointed as fiduciary manager to advise COVRA on every aspect of their investment policy. In addition, Kempen will take care of the manager selection and monitoring, and will render account for the policies pursued.  

Gerard Roelofs, Head of Client Solutions at Kempen, explained: ‘The long-term vision of COVRA dovetails perfectly with Kempen’s views. This partnership will span several generations, which is what makes it so special. I am proud of the fact that COVRA, as a government-owned company, has decided in favour of us. This will strengthen our position as a fiduciary manager in the Dutch market. Accordingly, we look forward to a lasting partnership.’ Robert Verhoeven, Senior Fiduciary Manager at Kempen, added: ‘We are glad to be able to support COVRA in their specific requirements with respect to their asset accumulation and management on the basis of our fiduciary investment expertise. This makes it quite exceptional and provides a strong basis for our partnership.’

About Kempen

Kempen Capital Management N.V. (Kempen or KCM) is a fully owned subsidiary of Kempen & Co N.V., is licensed as a manager of various UCITS and AIFs and authorised to provide investment services and as such is subject to supervision by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets. Kempen offers comprehensive fiduciary investment solutions to pension funds, insurance companies, PPIs and other institutional clients. In addition, Kempen applies a very targeted and specific investment style to invest in small caps, midcaps, government bonds and real estate funds for various institutional investors, foundations, high net-worth private clients and family offices. Kempen focuses on a number of specific investment strategies, in which they rank among the global top. Besides small caps, midcaps, government bonds and real estate, this includes high-dividend shares, fixed-income investments and funds of hedge funds. In the past, their investment funds have won Kempen several awards, including the Morningstar Awards and Lipper Awards.


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