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An investor’s guide to climate collaboration

21 October 2021

Institutional investors managing at least USD$10trillion now practise active ownership across global markets.

But acting as a responsible steward on climate risk – the key issue for our generation – is far from straightforward. In the world of investment it can take years to facilitate effective behaviour change in laggard companies.

This is time we no longer have. “We need to go far, quickly” as former US Vice President Al Gore says.
Action by individual companies is not enough. All companies in all industries must do their part to decarbonise and address our shared, urgent issue. One company may be streaks ahead, but this in itself does not mean it is protected from climate risks, and the long-term success of our portfolios – and our planet - depends on sector-wide improvements. As active investors, we have a responsibility to use our power to drive forward change through our control of capital.

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2021, 20 October

An investor’s guide to climate collaboration



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