Kempen European Private Equity Fund - Class B


The Kempen European Private Equity Fund (the Fund) aims to achieve capital growth through a diversified exposure to private equity investments. The Fund will invest in funds managed by private equity General Partners (“GPs”) and in direct deals in the form of Co-Investments together with private equity GPs. The Fund aims for a balanced portfolio distribution, with around half of the portfolio consisting of GP investments and the other half of direct deals in the form of co-investments.

The objective of the Fund is to build up a portfolio of approx. 10 (within a range of 5 to 15) participations in GPs and supplemented with various co-Investments. The funds managed by private equity GPs will be selected by the management team based on, including but not limited to investment strategy, pedigree and experience of the investment team, track record, responsible investment approach, quality of the organization and service providers, and (commercial) terms of investment. The main focus is on North-Western European small and lower mid-market buyout GPs.

The Fund is closed-end.

Management team

Performance per 2018-12-31 (rebased)

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Performance per 2018-12-31

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More information can be found on the documents page of this fund

Key figures

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Total fund size
EUR 0.00 M
Share class size
EUR 0.00 M 2018-12-31
Number of shares
0 2018-12-31

Performance per 2018-12-31 (rebased)

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Performance per 2018-12-31

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Ongoing charges

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Management fee i
1.00 %
Service fee i
0.10 %
Taxe d'abonnement i
0.01 %
Indirect costs i
1.30 %
Expected ongoing charges i
2.41 %

Share class details

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Share class
B i
Investor type
Institutional & Private
Investment category
Private Markets
May be offered to professional investors only in
Switzerland, The Netherlands
UCITS status i
Closed-end i
Base currency
Share class currency
Management company
Kempen Capital Management N.V.
J.P. Morgan Bank Luxembourg S.A.


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Minimum subscription
Initial subscription and minimal holding amount €1.000,000.
Entry period purchase order
Please contact your Relationship Manager or Kempen Capital Management.
The Fund is only available for professional investors.

KCM Vision

Kempen Capital Management is an asset manager with a long-term investment approach. We strongly believe in engaged shareholdership that benefits all stakeholders. As a long-term responsible investor, we firmly believe that active ownership and shareholder engagement contribute to positive change across the board.

Our KCM wide approach to responsible investment

To put our vision into action we engage with our investment targets on a wide array of strategic, financial, environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics. Our long-term investment worldview paired with thorough analysis and an experienced and diverse ESG team allow us to use both voting and engagement as means to consistently encourage positive change. Through this process of constructive engagement, we are able to contribute to the development of principles and standards of corporate responsibility within companies that we invest in. Our full voting records are available here.