Diversified Distressed Debt Pool Class A-EUR


The Fund primarily consists of a concentrated pool of participations in investment vehicles managed by third-party managers. These operate as opportunistic credit funds mainly focusing on (sub-investment grade) global credit markets (and derivative markets) with an emphasis on developed markets in the US, Europe and Asia and, to a lesser extent, with the flexibility to invest in credit markets in emerging markets.

It is anticipated that the investment vehicles will invest a large amount of capital in distressed/restructuring strategies, focusing primarily on corporate credit instruments of companies trading at significant discounts to their value at issuance or obliged (par value) at maturity as a result of either formal bankruptcy proceedings or market perception of near term proceedings.
The Fund is actively managed and does not have a benchmark.

Management team

Michiel Meeuwissen, Remko van der Erf, Theo Nijssen, Wouter van der Stee

Performance per 2021-08-31 (rebased)

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Performance per 2021-08-31

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This year 0.0 %
More information can be found on the documents page of this fund

Key figures

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Total fund size
USD 217.06 M 2021-10-31
Share class size
EUR 0.00 M
Net Asset Value i
EUR 100.00 2021-10-31

Fund characteristics per 2021-10-31

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Performance per 2021-08-31 (rebased)

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Performance per 2021-08-31

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This year 0.0 %


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Ongoing charges

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Management fee i
0.750 %
Service fee i
0.10 %
Taxe d'abonnement i
0.05 %

Share class details

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Share class
Investor type
Institutional & Private
Duration hedged
Investment category
Alternative Credit
Inception date
May be offered to all investors in
The Netherlands
May be offered to professional investors only in
Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, United Kingdom
UCITS status i
Open-end i
Base currency
Share class currency
Management company
Kempen Capital Management NV
Depositary and custodian
J.P. Morgan Bank Luxembourg S.A.


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Kempen's Vision &Mission

Kempen Capital Management is an asset manager that believes in stewardship and investment focusing on the long-term for the benefit of all stakeholders. Value creation is at the heart of the services we provide to our clients. We believe that being an engaged shareholder on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and retaining a long-term focus, is critical to helping our clients to preserve and create sustainable wealth that has positive real world impact and economic returns.Â

Kempen wide approach to responsible investment

We are committed to create sustainable alpha. The four pillars of our ESG-policy are:

  • ESG integration:Â Ensuring sustainability risks and opportunities are adequately considered in our investment analysis and processes.

  • Exclusion & avoidance:Â Not investing in companies involved in controversial activities or conduct.

  • Active ownership: Being responsible stewards of our clients’ capital and using our influence through engagement and voting to improve corporate behaviour on specific ESG issues and achieve positive change

  • Positive impact: Investing with an objective to achieve positive real world outcomes and impact, such as contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


To put our mission and vision into practice we engage with our investee companies on a wide array of strategic, financial, and ESG topics. As an active owner we use our influence to improve our investee companies’ ESG performance.  This helps us address some of the most pressing and important sustainability issues facing business and the world. Our focus themes for engagement are: human rights, labour rights, climate change and governance.


Through collaboration with other investors and industry think tanks we contribute to the development of principles and standards of corporate responsibility both at sector levels, as well as investee company level.


Our full voting records are available here.

Climate change

As a long-term investor, we believe climate change represents a systemic risk facing the economy, society and environment, and we want to consider the risks and opportunities this presents to our investments in the coming decades. We have therefore set a long-term commitment (2050) and a mid-term ambition (2030).

  •     2050 commitment: Net-zero investor
  •     2030 ambition: To align with a Paris Agreement pathway (listed and non-listed investments) and the Dutch Klimaatakkoord.


The Kempen climate change policy can be found here (under climate change policy).

Our fund approach to responsible investment

Kempen’s ESG policy is fully implemented in our fund’s investment process with the key pillar being our approaches to: Exclusion, ESG integration and Active ownership. Within this, it is important to note that the Diversified Distressed Debt Pool (‘3DP’) invests in six underlying investment funds, and therefore doesn’t directly invest in individual instruments.


1. Exclusion

The underlying managers provide full transparency on a monthly basis, allowing Kempen to screen for exposure to its exclusion list. Since inception of 3DP, there hasn’t been any exclusion list exposure but in the unlikely event of future overlap, Kempen will actively engage with the fund manager.


2. ESG integration

During a thorough due diligence process, the team evaluates and discusses potential responsible investment issues with the fund managers. In addition, the team also measures the current state of responsible investment development and awareness within the organization by means of an annual questionnaire, composed by the PRI association. The questionnaire consists of questions, focused on Policy, Governance, Investment Process, and Monitoring & Reporting. The responses have been used during the conversations throughout the year helping to shape the ESG-related discussions. Repetition is a tool to show ESG is an important topic for Kempen that will be brought up as long as there is room for improvement.


Fund managers are well aware of Kempen’s stance on Responsible Investment. Per the end of 2021Q3, 3 of the 6 managers in 3DP were UN PRI signatories, 2 were in the process of becoming a signatory before year-end 2021 and one was seriously considering its options. In addition, several managers in 3DP have committed to adhering to Kempen’s Exclusion Lists.


3. Active ownership

Fund managers are encouraged to sign the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) and Kempen offers assistance to those willing to explore the option. Since November 2020 Kempen is a member of the PRI Hedge Fund Advisory Committee. In addition, Kempen gives credit to managers that have established a responsible investment policy and engages in an active dialogue with managers to better understand their considerations. Moreover, the team aims to establish long-term partnerships with the managers they invest in and the majority of the funds also act as long-term engaged shareholders causing turnover to be very low at both levels. Finally, robust governance is emphasized in the Due Diligence process in cooperation with an independent Operational Due Diligence consultant (Aksia).Â


Throughout the years, ALTS has seen an increased amount of attention towards ESG from the various hedge fund managers, with an increasing number of managers becoming a UN PRI signatory and/or establishing a responsible investment policy. Out of the 20 managers ALTS currently invests in, a total of 13 have established a responsible investment policy. This is a great improvement from a few years ago as in 2017 only 2 of them had a responsible investment policy. As engaged investors, the ALTS team has had many conversations with hedge fund managers looking to become UN PRI signatory or to establish a responsible investment policy. This is something managers appreciate and this is evidenced by multiple managers reaching out to ALTS to ask for feedback on their current ESG procedures and/or potential future improvements. Â


For more information about the mid and long term risks associated with the investments:

ESG Report