Real Estate

Real estate is with 5-15% weight one of the most important asset classes for institutional investors. Given its long term nature, mega trends such as growing and aging populations, urbanization, digitalization, increasing wealth and climate change are increasingly more important factors when making investment decisions. 

Real Estate

Fast moving international markets

Given its high capital intensity, minor changes in economic growth, unemployment, interest rates, political situations and tax rates have a direct impact. They have a significant influence on rental income, costs and as such on profitability and valuation of real estate. We work for leading management teams and investors and by being ahead of the game spotting opportunities in market, cities or countries we make the difference.  

Real estate and Kempen will always be there

Kempen has been a pioneer when starting European Real Estate research coverage in the early 1980s. Our Corporate Finance and ECM teams operate centrally, whereas our Securities team operates out of the three largest financial hotspots for Real Estate being New York, London and Amsterdam. Since 2006, we are the only bank selling European Real Estate securities out of New York anticipating new US mandates to become Global Real Estate mandates.

Our largest team of professionals in European Real Estate with their unrivalled knowledge, experience, focus and flawless execution form the basis of our success. We our proud to have a large network of clients who repeatedly do business with us.  Annually we host the biggest European Real Estate conference which was held for the 15th time in 2017 in New York. 

Our transaction track record includes:

- Successfully completed transactions in 2017 for clients in 10 European countries
- #1 in European real estate Equity Capital Markets transactions in 2015 and 2016
- 10 out of the 12 largest Continental European Real Estate IPOs since 2011
- 5 out of the 9 largest real estate public takeovers in Continental Europe since 2013
- Leading in non-listed real estate equity issues and portfolio sales

Kempen – Turning dedication into value



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