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Kempen European Life Sciences ECM update 

  • Monthly update on Equity Capital Markets of European Life Sciences companies
  • Provides insights on market developments, financing transactions, share price developments and other relevant insights in the field of ECM
  • Example analysis from the June 2018 ECM update below

Number of Life Sciences ECM transactions by transaction type over the last 5 yearsLS ECM June

  • Of 286 transactions in total, Accelerated Bookbuild Offerings (ABBs) have been the most popular transaction type, totalling 139
  • 49 companies IPOed, raising the highest median amount of capital
  • The number of annual transactions has steadily increased from 54 in 2014 to 62 in 2017
  • With 28 transactions in the first 5 months, 2018 is on track to become the year with the most Life Sciences ECM transactions over the last five years

Source: Bloomberg
Note: Based on Kempen Life Sciences index (Biotech (40), CRO/CMO (6), Diagnostics (11), 
Generics (8), Medtech (42), Specialty Pharma (41), Other (14; not included))

Kempen European Life Sciences M&A update 

  • Bi-monthly update on Mergers & Acquisitions of European Life Sciences companies
  • Provides insights on the current M&A climate, recent developments, transactions and other relevant insights in the field of M&A
  • Example analysis from the July 2018 M&A update below

Sellers’ market in European Life Sciences M&A leads to highest premiums in over 6 years

  • Buyers of European Life Sciences companies* have recently paid significantly higher premiums versus the stable 2012-2016 period
  • The number of transactions is similarly increasing over recent years, with 2018 set to continue this trend
  • With a premium of 120%, Sanofi paid 2018’s highest premium so far when acquiring Belgian biotech company Ablynx
    * Based on announced European Life Sciences transactions with a European target
    If the transaction was rumoured before, the non-disturbed share price applies

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