There is an ongoing need for new and improved economic and social infrastructure. Kempen is highly involved in facilitating key segments like social-, communication-, transport-, energy and utility infrastructure. 


One of the major themes that demands major infrastructure investment is the energy transition towards renewables. Thanks to our bottom-up knowledge of regulation, assets, companies and technologies, we can look beyond just the numbers and support our clients with the bigger picture. We are thrilled to support a sector that drives the renewable energy transition. 

Another theme is the ongoing growth of data consumption. Comparable to electricity and water, we observe data is a basic human need. This has been driving our advisory in communication infrastructure, which includes towers, data centers, fiber, and small cells.

Clients work with us for our original and solid investment themes, access to investments and institutional investors in the attractive North West European, and our combined offering of M&A, ECM and Debt Advisory.


Maarten de Zeeuw

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