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Kempen Corporate Finance is one of the largest players in corporate finance, home to over 50 advisers specializing in mergers and acquisitions, capital market transactions and debt advisory services. We have successfully conducted over 300 transactions – earning us a depth of knowledge and experience in process management, structuring and financial products as well as a cultivated network of key decision-makers.  


Kempen Corporate Finance performs a wide variety of transactions. We are committed to the interests of corporate clients, private equity parties, family offices, management teams, DGAs, regulators, ministries, and municipalities and are proud of the diversity of clients who have joined us. 


Our independence is key to our client proposition. Kempen Corporate Finance’s neutrality comes from the fact that we do not finance businesses ourselves, guaranteeing that our advice is independent, objective and always in the client’s best interest. 


While our financial expertise and transaction track record have made us competent advisers, we are also convinced that our extensive comprehension of the market and its industries makes us a valuable counterpart. Our Corporate Finance teams are divided into market specializations that include European Real Estate, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Tech & FinTech, Infrastructure and Corporate Advisory.

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Management Team

Corporate social responsibility in Corporate Finance

Corporate reputation and sustainable growth

Corporate Finance provides advisory services in mergers and acquisitions, financing issues and capital market transactions. The Corporate Finance teams specialize in five different sectors: Real Estate, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Infrastructure, Tech & Fintech, and Corporate Advisory.


In our business-to-business market, a solid reputation for high standards and integrity is crucial. This is true not only for our own reputation as an investment bank, but also for the reputation of our clients. We serve corporate entities, (semi) public and private equity investors, all of whom consider sustainability to be an increasingly important measure of strategic decisions.   


Every prospective engagement is thoroughly studied by our engagement committee and discussed with the transaction team. One of the key considerations in accepting any engagement, apart from commercial aspects, is the company’s reputation. To an increasing extent, this screening process focuses not only on the specific business unit where the engagement will be executed, but also considers the activities of the company as a whole. Guidelines in this respect are the environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria.

Dedicated experts

The members of our Corporate Finance team are dedicated experts who deliver industry-specific expertise and who constantly monitor all the latest developments. They combine a wealth of expertise with exceptional commitment. As a result, they are excellent sparring partners for management team members and boards who contribute to corporate growth and support innovative development.

Sustainable growth

The need for capital to fund growth and innovation is felt in various sectors, including life sciences. This sector requires specific market expertise, as well as specific knowledge of the investors who specialize in this market. Kempen delivers this expertise to companies who are active in these particular industries by providing advisory services to assist these companies in attracting capital and finding investors who are capable of adding value.

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