Engaged shareholdership

February 25 | 09:00 AM UK time
Free to attend

We have been delighted to hear how much discussion our whitepaper, “The Tipping Point – Race for end-game assets” has elicited since its launch. With may Schemes on the de-risking path, it is clear Trustees are thinking about holding the right assets, at the right time in order to guarantee that the last pensioner receives their pension in full. One of the key topics raised in the paper was that there were not enough end-game assets and the potential ramifications of this. 

We now invite you to join our live and interactive webinar were the main players searching for these assets will debate and share their views. This includes the perspective of an insurer, from Hymans-Robertson, a consolidator, from Clara and also the viewpoint of an open pension scheme, from Railpen. We anticipate a lively discussion as the nuances between the different end-game states of buy-out, consolidation and run-off are debated. 
Please join us for this exciting discussion

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