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The challenge our societies face

Humanity may have come far, but a large part of the world’s population still faces fundamental challenges such as access to basic products and services, sanitation, electricity and clean water. Rising inequality and the risks around climate change also continue to pose challenges to sustainable economic development. According to the World Bank , nearly 1 billion of the world’s population live below the US$1.90 poverty line. In our view, the fight against extreme poverty will only be won through continued development and creation of stable and well-paid jobs. While significant progress towards poverty eradication has been made in the last two decades, a lot more needs to be done, which is why the United Nations (the UN) set ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals, aimed at ending poverty, protecting the planet, increasing the growth of small and medium sized enterprises and ensuring prosperity for all, are becoming widespread as a framework for best practice in this space. 

Impact pool scale

Figure 1: Pooling capital to increase the scale of the impact


Contributing to a global solution

Our view is that it is possible to achieve both societal goals and financial returns. We also believe that pooling clients’ impact investing capital increases not only the scale but also the depth of impact in tackling the environmental and social challenges the world is facing today.  

Making impact where it matters most 

In emerging markets, the Global Impact Pool (the Pool) aims to contribute to provision of basic goods and services for underserved populations including water, sanitation, and health (SDGs 3 and 6). 

In developed markets, the Pool aims to contribute to investments which target increased wellbeing, support of sustainable production & consumption and renewable energy (SDGs 12 and 7). 

Overall, the Global Impact Pool aims to invest (indirect) in companies that are operated in a responsible manner and create inclusive jobs and working conditions for all (SDG 8). 

Impact Pool Themes

Figure 2: Kempen’s Global Impact Pool initially focuses on the above 5 Sustainable Development Goals, source: Kempen 
Fund structure

The Global Impact Pool will primarily consist of a diversified pool of participations in investment funds managed by third-party investment managers. Our mission is to make investments which contribute positively to selected SDGs primarily, though not exclusively, through the goods and services which the underlying investee companies provide.

The Global Impact Pool will invest across both private and public asset classes, depending on which opportunities we will be able to identify that can best contribute to our targeted societal and environmental impact. 

We carefully evaluate potential financial return as well as the impact potential of underlying investment funds and companies prior to investing. All investments are subject to Kempen’s in-depth due diligence process.

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