Sustainable Equity

It is our duty as investors to create long-term value for our clients, but increasingly also to consider the impact our investments have on the real economy, society and the environment.

With our Global Impact Pool (the Pool) we go even further: from doing no harm, to doing good. With this Pool we are aiming to address global societal and environmental challenges alongside meeting clients’ risk-return requirements. We believe that pooling client’s capital will enable us to increase the scale and depth of impact investing in tackling the environmental and social challenges the world is facing today.  


Sustainable equity Webinar

Sustainable equity: Engaged shareholdership

Sustainability is the hottest topic around right now. But it’s no mere talking point: the transition to a sustainable economy is changing the world around us, with some major implications that investors simply can’t afford to ignore. How can you reduce your CO2 footprint and become (more) climate neutral? How can you contribute to the SDGs? Why is it important to be aligned to the sustainable transition? And what is the importance of an Article 9 classification and does this mean sacrificing investment returns?

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