Global Small-caps Webinar for Charles Stanley


The current investment landscape is marred by concerns about the end of QE, broader market valuations, global trade concerns with geopolitical risk and Brexit to name a few. This makes it increasingly difficult for investors to find attractively priced opportunities.
One potential source of alpha for a portfolio is smaller companies – an asset class that is under-researched and often under-represented in many investors’ portfolios despite long-term evidence of superior returns.

Please join the Kempen’s webinar on the 10 December at 11 AM GMT for an opportunity to learn more about the Kempen’s Global Small-cap fund (now on the Charles Stanley recommended list). The Kempen Global Small-cap investment team will introduce the fund, their investment philosophy and process.

The fund in a nutshell: The Kempen Global Small-cap fund follows a Quality at the Right Price approach, going against a conventional growth philosophy within the small-caps universe. It therefore can be a great diversifier not only of a broad investment portfolio but also of an existing small-caps allocation. The Kempen team take a long-term view on quality and sustainability of businesses that they consider for portfolio inclusion. They actively engage with companies on business practices, reporting, capital allocation decisions etc. in a way that a private equity manager would. The fund consistently performs in the top quartile of the peer group and currently has a 5-star and a Bronze rating from Morningstar.

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Katya Nelyudova