Global Small-caps

 Our philosophy is based on sound value investing principles:

We view stock as an ownership of a business. 
We focus on the long-term quality of the business. 
We look for margin of safety between price and value.

When looking for new investment opportunities, screening is applied to reduce the investment universe to a manageable size of 500 companies. We screen for companies that are of above-average quality and that are attractively valued. Extensive fundamental analysis is done on both existing portfolio companies and new portfolio candidates. ESG topics (Environmental, Social and Governance) are fully integrated in our investment process. Finally, our team-based approach ensures every investment recommendation is thoroughly challenged. The result is a well-diversified portfolio of 60-90 companies spread across sectors and regions. 

Below you find a city view image which depicts more than half of our portfolio companies. With this city view we try to show that in your daily life you are surrounded by the companies we invest in. Also, the image demonstrates our portfolio companies have very diverse activities.

Portfolio image

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