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Our bottom-up investment philosophy is based on long-term value. We believe that the stock market generally is too much focused on the short-term. Stock prices regularly over and undershoot. Valuations, particularly of small-cap stocks, often do not reflect the intrinsic value of the companies. As long term, engaged shareholders we focus primarily on the fundamentals of the businesses we invest in. Our in-depth stock specific analysis combined with our long term investment horizon allows us to take advantage of mispricings in the market. We do not shy away from taking contrarian views. The end result is a well-diversified portfolio of 60-90 companies spread across sectors and regions.

Bottom-up investment philosophy based on long term value:

Philosophy KGSCF

Below you find a city view image which depicts more than half of our portfolio companies. With this city view we try to show that in your daily life you are surrounded by the companies we invest in. Also, the image demonstrates our portfolio companies have very diverse activities.

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