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Kempen and climate change

In line with COP21 and the Paris Agreement (December 2015), Kempen acknowledges both the risks and opportunities of climate change. We are a member of the International Investor Group of Climate Change (IIGCC), signed the Investor Statement on Climate Change and endorse the Paris Pledge. Kempen aims to reduce the carbon footprint of the companies we invest in through engagement. Kempen participates in collective engagement initiatives, both through the platform of the PRI and the IIGCC. 

Our approach

Kempen’s approach to climate change is based on: 

  • measuring 
  • monitoring
  • engagement 
  • reporting our activities to clients 

Climate change integrated in our ESG framework 

Climate change is a salient environmental risk and an integral part of the ESG umbrella.

  • Climate change is part of our quarterly ESG screening: companies lagging behind on the subject will be researched in detail and discussed with portfolio managers.
  • Climate change is part of our engagement approach: companies where improvement is believed to be possible will be encouraged to reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to climate friendly solutions.
Kempen policy statement on climate change

Kempen wants:

  • to use its influence to limit the risks of climate change;
  • to contribute to lower carbon emissions in our global economy;
  • to measure the carbon exposure of her investments;
  • to engage with companies which lag behind their industry peers on their carbon performance;
  • to join collective engagement initiatives and conduct direct engagement with low performing companies in the Kempen investment portfolios;
  • to report the results of the measurement and engagement on a regular basis.

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