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Digitization is exceptionally useful when investing in real estate. Data are collected on the many hundreds of thousands of properties around the world concerning their year of construction, dimensions, level of sustainability, rental income and costs, transaction values, tenants, lease terms, distance to motorways and airports, et cetera. Our long history of real estate investments enables us to find the right data points in this sea of Big Data. 

“Turning big data into investment decisions”

Matthijs Storm
Every day, the Kempen Real Estate team collects 22.5 million relevant data points for 200,000 properties around the globe, processing these data in our data infrastructure into valuable investment information. The vast increase in available data helps us to make better assessments of the quality and risk of each real estate investment. This leads to better investment decisions and finally results in higher investment returns at lower risk for our clients.

“We apply a rigorous investment process with strong emphasis on balancing risks and returns”

Egbert Nijmeijer
Our team's continuous aim is to find those real estate investment opportunities that offer the optimal balance between risk and return. In analyzing risk our team will research the financial health and quality of worldwide available real estate companies. Important factors include the strength of balance sheet, the quality of the management, and the corporate governance and environmental impact of the company concerned. We exclude risks from our investment process that we cannot oversee such as regional differences in interest rates, currency movements and macro economic developments. We are a real estate specialist and all risk budget is assigned on the real estate itself. Based on the aggregate information, we will take a decision as a team on those investment opportunities that offer the best possible return against the lowest risk for our clients.

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