Sustainable investment in 2022 and beyond

With COP26 fresh in our memories, many stakeholders and market influencers in the financial sector have made substantial promises around the effect of their activities on climate and biodiversity. The conference was expected to deliver significant pledges to limit global warming but, with a lack of agreement about what this means in practice, COP27 in November 2022 will “revisit and strengthen” targets set during COP26. It is not unreasonable to expect that key focal points in next years’ strategies across our holding companies will zoom in on environmental impacts. 

We will respond to this throughout the year by sharpening our annualised carbon footprint reduction KPIs as we continue to develop portfolios with purpose and engage with investees and external managers on the issue. Moreover, we will increasingly be setting KPIs on biodiversity, and advancing the Smart and Circular economy as a key investment theme, as well as  the theme of Living better for longer.  

Meanwhile we will continue to work with clients on other sustainability-related KPIs throughout the process, from investment to engagement. As our ambition accelerates, we’ll continue to measure both financial returns as well as those factors themes which are on the sustainability agenda for our clients.  

In short, we see Ambition, Action and Accountability as closely weaved together. As the world changes around us, we must hold fast to these and continue our leadership in the world of sustainable investment. 

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