Annual Stewardship and Sustainable Investment Report 2021

This report details our stewardship activities of 2021, giving an overview of our sustainability ambition, action and accountability. It details our voting and engagements and the thought leadership pieces we worked on. We wish you a pleasant reading experience.

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Stewardship Dashboard

Integration and Active Ownership

Summary Voting Activities Engagement and Voting Map 

43 companies are on the
exclusion list

We voted at 437 distinct
company meetings.


We engaged with more than 300 
companies on ESG themes.


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Our Engagements

Through our engagements, we seek to encourage positive change at companies. We engage on a broad range of strategic, financial, corporate governance, environmental and social aspects.

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Headline 2021

For us at Kempen, the world of sustainable investment orbited around three elements Covid-19, COP26 and regulation. This year, each of the elements made its mark on our work.

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Accelerating ambitions

We preserve and create wealth in a sustainable way for the benefit of future generations. Our purpose is to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders in a way that contributes to sustainable solutions to the most pressing global challenges.

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Action: portfolios with purpose

In a fast-changing world with a closing window of opportunity to prevent irreversible environmental damage, we’ve made strides in constructing positive impact portfolios.

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Advancing accountability 

Back in house, we’re also doing our bit to show that we’re walking the walk, as well as talking the talk.

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Looking ahead 

As the world changes around us, we must hold fast to these and continue our leadership in the world of sustainable investment.

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2022, 27 February

Annual Stewardship and Investment report 2021


Sustainability team

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