Annual Stewardship and Sustainable Investment Report 2020

“In spite of the profound challenges of the past year, or partly perhaps because of them,2020 was a momentous year for sustainable investment...sectors from transport to technology may never be the same again”

Lars Dijkstra, Chief Investment Officer

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Responsible Investment Dashboard

Integration and Active Ownership

Summary Voting Activities Engagement and Voting Map 

43 companies are on the
exclusion list

We voted at 419 distinct
company meetings.


We engaged with more than 300 
companies on ESG themes.



Our Engagements

Through our engagements, we seek to encourage positive change at companies. We engage on a broad range of strategic, financial, corporate governance, environmental and social aspects.

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Highlights 2020

At Kempen we have spent years refining our responsible and sustainable investment philosophy and processes to help our clients preserve and grow assets that yield a real economic return alongside a positive societal and environmental impact.

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Key Sustainability Trends 

There is progress in how the markets are aligning with the Paris Climate Accord and the Sustainable Development Goals. There was significant movement as the EU turned its rhetoric on sustainable finance into regulation. Here we reflect on how trends shaped markets last year and how Kempen responded to these trends.

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Responding to Covid-19

Protecting the health and wellbeing of our staff and wider community has been our first priority throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, and as we begin to emerge from the crisis we are keen to seize the opportunities to ‘build back better’.

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Meeting the climate challenge 

Climate change has deep ramifications for human and ecological wellbeing, and the material effects of our changing environment are becoming ever more present in capital markets. 

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Staying ahead of EU regulation 

Kempen has been working to not only understand and implement the legislation, but also to ensure our clients get the advice they need to stay ahead of the regulatory curve. 

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Getting granular with the SDG's

Last year marked five years since the UN adopted the 17 goals for a holistic approach to achieving sustainable development. These SDGs are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and improve the lives and prospects of everyone, everywhere. A collective effort by the private sector, the financial industry, governments and other actors is essential to achieve them.

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Looking ahead 

2020 has been an unusual year, with unexpected challenges and opportunities. We have made good progress on our sustainable investment ambitions and are ready to raise the bar even higher in 2021. 

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Sustainability and Impact team

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