Kempen Outlook 2021

Every year we take a joint look at the future. We look at a number of themes that may significantly impact the economy and the financial markets.

Uncorrelated strategies

Remko van der Erf, Co-Head Alternative Strategies is an optimist. Whereas some investors are worried about the prospects for 2021, he mainly sees opportunity. That’s hardly surprising in a segment that tends to do well against a backdrop of volatility, diversity and restructurings. Van der Erf defines success as ‘positive returns with a low correlation’.

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The real estate market offers many opportunities to add value

Coronavirus has led to a considerable divergence in the fortunes of the different real estate sectors in 2020, but what should investors expect next year? We consider some of the trends to look out for.

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The economy is rapidly becoming sustainable and digital

What do our equity portfolio managers expect in 2021 and beyond? We spoke to the fund managers of our small-cap, dividend and sustainable equity strategies and our Global Impact Pool to find our. Optimism reigns, especially over the longer term : as they say, ‘We already hold tomorrow’s winners in the portfolio.’

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Macro and Markets

When writing an outlook, it’s always tempting to say there’s a great deal of uncertainty. After all, the future is always uncertain. But where we normally still have a grip on relationships between economic variables such as growth, inflation, interest rates or valuations, now we’ve got the coronavirus to contend with on top of all that. 

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Corona scenarios

When it became clear that the coronavirus was morphing from a local Chinese epidemic into a global pandemic in early 2020, it was virtually impossible to forecast its exact impact on the global economy. For this reason, we set out a number of different possible scenarios of what might happen, which also considered the potential investment opportunities that might arise as a result. The scenarios ranged from one of rapid recovery to another of long-term malaise. All, of course, came with the necessary caveats.

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