Global Listed Infrastructure

A young and increasingly important asset class

The strategy will select listed companies operating or managing assets such as airports, toll roads, data centres, satellites, pipelines and grids. Our focus is on companies with attractive risk-return and diversification characteristics, and limited sensitivity to fluctuating GDP growth or commodity pricing.

Infrastructure’s tangible assets deliver stable, predictable cashflows, often with inflation compensation. High entry barriers, quasi-monopolies, price regulation and long-term contracts all impact positively on the risk-return ratio, reflected in shares with an above-average income profile and lower volatility than other equities.

“We focus on companies with limited sensitivity to GDP growth or commodity pricing.”

Thomas van der Meij, Manager, Kempen Listed Infrastructure Fund.

Acquire tomorrow’s key assets today

Digitization, urbanization and environmental issues all require new infrastructure investments, and with a growing and aging population, it is estimated that some 75% of infrastructure that will be in place by 2050 doesn't exist today. Financing to bridge the current investment gap will increasingly come from private investors (both direct and via the listed market). As a result, the relatively young listed infrastructure sector will form a growing proportion of investment portfolios over the coming years.

Why Kempen?

Kempen has a strong track record and considerable know-how in real estate, and more recently direct infrastructure. Our real asset team also employs a unique data-driven approach to valuation. Pioneering the integrated use of IT and analytics, our in-house research team processes large quantities of financial, corporate and asset data to understand and visualise trends and cycles in such areas as road traffic, airport passenger numbers and energy prices. Resulting in robust, fact-based decision-making and greater transparency when it comes to investments.

Kempen is the first Dutch asset manager investing globally in listed companies that manage and own infrastructure.


2021, 31 December

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Strategy overview

Global Listed Infrastructure

Real Assets: Future proof investing

Our Real Assets proposition is all about bringing transparency to an opaque asset class. We take the responsibility to help our clients optimizing their portfolio.

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