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2022, 16 June

Global Impact Pool 2021 Report


Aim to achieve social and financial return with an allocation to impact

Global Impact Pool invests in impact funds that are characterized by a positive contribution to society and the environment. In addition, Kempen expects for each impact investment a market-based financial return, fully integrated ESG criteria and a positive contribution to at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. The fund focuses on various asset classes, mainly in private markets. The exact allocation depends on where the best opportunities arise to ensure a positive contribution to society and the environment.

Specific focus on five Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Global Impact Pool joins the 17 SDGs as specified by the United Nations. The fund is specifically focuses on 5 of the SDG’s, which are:

  • Good health and well-being (SDG 3)
  •  Clean water and sanitation (SDG 6)
  • Affordable and clean energy (SDG 7)
  • Decent work and economic growth (SDG 8)
  • Responsible consumption and production (SDG 12)

The focus on these 5 SDGs contributes to the impact goals of the fund, which can be divided into four themes (see Figure 1).

Impact Pool Themes

Figure 1: Global Impact Pool primarily focuses on 5 SDGs. Source: Kempen.

Emphasis where needed

Through its selected impact funds, Global Impact Pool aims to invest in responsibly managed companies that create ‘inclusive’ jobs and working conditions (SDG 8). In emerging markets, the fund mainly aims to contribute to the provision of basic goods and services, including food, water, sanitation and healthcare (SDGs 3 and 6). In developed markets, the fund focuses on investments which contribute to well-being, responsible production and consumption, and clean energy (SDGs 7 and 12).

“Global Impact Pool continues where sustainable investment funds stop: it wants to pro-actively ensure positive change and measure this”


Measuring and reporting impact results

Pooling of investors’ capital in Global Impact Pool creates economies of scale which can reinforce the positive impact on identified social and climate issues. To provide insight into the realized impact, the fund measures the impact results of its underlying investments and reports on this on a quarterly and annual basis. Examples of these impact measurements are figures on the number of jobs created, the amount of CO2 reduction, and the amount of renewable energy that has been produced.
Managed by a highly experienced team, specializing in impact and fund investing

Global Impact Pool benefits from the expertise of a specialized investment team, which thoroughly assesses all impact funds and the underlying companies on their financial and social return potential. The team consists of sixteen experienced fund investors with an in-depth expertise in all asset classes, and three experts in ESG. The team has extensive experience in integrating ESG criteria in fund investments.

The Global Impact Pool is managed by Narina Mnatsakanian (Director Impact & Responsible Investment with thirteen years of relevant experience).

Fund highlights:
  • Multi-asset fund diversified over carefully selected impact funds
  • Seeks positive change for society and the environment
  • Measurable financial and social return
  • Market-based return target of 4 to 6% (based on 7 to 10 years holding cycle)
  • Managed by a highly experienced and specialized team

Global Impact Pool
Strategy overview

Global Impact Pool

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