High Dividend Equities

We select the most attractive companies that maintain strong capital discipline from the many companies that distribute high dividends each year. Besides that, we have adopted a set of clear, unambiguous decision rules: every company is taken up at approximately the same weight and the dividend yield should exceed a certain minimum threshold, which stands at a minimum of 2.5% for our European strategy and a minimum of 3% for the global strategy. If the dividend yield falls below the threshold of 2.5% or 3%, respectively, the company will be sold.

“Always be curious, it’s the only way to find new ideas.”

Jorik van den Bos

Every team member will thoroughly analyse the companies within his own sector. His proposals will first be discussed in depth with another team member, before they are debated with the rest of the team. If a certain proposal continues to be the subject of debate, the decision will be taken by the head of the team. This approach will ensure that we construct a portfolio that will outperform the market as a whole in the long run.

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