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Fundamental analysis is a vital element in our process. Together with the asset allocation specialists, we perform weekly analyses of the short-term and long-term trends and themes in the economy and in fixed-income markets. This analysis is the determining basis for our interest rate forecast. In addition, we analyse the economic foundations of the various countries in our universe in order to assess debt sustainability. The most important question that we, as a team, must find an answer to, is where market expectations diverge from our own expectations. After all, that is where opportunity awaits.

As a team, we carefully balance risk against return, making choices related to duration, yield curve, inflation, country allocation and instrument selection. The outcome is used as a basis for building a diversified portfolio.

The core team consists of two experienced portfolio managers, supported by asset allocation specialists. The core team is responsible for positioning and performance, and risk management is an integral part of the investment process. 

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Our Team

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Kim Lubbers