Our specialists

We have specialists in each field of institutional pension scheme investment. 

Investment Oversight?

Speak to John

John spent 5 years providing fiduciary selection and oversight himself.  Now he works with fiduciary selection consultants, pension scheme clients and prospects to ensure that fiduciary selections and reviews go smoothly.

0044 203 636 9412

Professional Trustee/Member or Sponsor nominated trustee?

Contact Vicky

Vicky  has 5 years of experience helping trustee boards navigate the many obstacles to successful objective setting and increased pension scheme governance. Vicky’s specialty is discussing investing and objective setting at a high level to help you better understand what you would like to achieve. 

0044 203 636 9418

Looking to understand more about the world of ESG?

Speak to Lara

Lara can discuss personalising an ESG approach which truly reflects your beliefs. She can show you what an fully integrated ESG policy looks like and avoid the pitfuls of greenwashing. 

0044 203 636 9407

Looking to find more out about DC?

Speak to Julie

Julie has been the architect of our DC offering and can speak to you in detail about the most effective ways to manage member engagement and DC investing.

0044 203 636 9414