Why Kempen are different

Kempen is different because of our open architecture approach, length of tenure as a fiduciary specialist, the size and extent of our investment, operational and client resource and the incorporation of ESG considerations throughout all aspects of our investment process. 

In 2019 and 2020, Financial News named Kempen Fiduciary Manager of the Year in recognition of our distinctive approach. 

In particular, trustee boards and sponsors will benefit from: 


  • A bespoke investment portfolio designed for the Scheme, aiming to achieve your investment objectives with sophisticated risk reduction alongside cost reduction.
  • Accessing best-of-breed managers through our open architecture approach.


  • In bringing new asset classes to you this is reinforced by significant manager research presence with depth of experience across liquid and private markets investments.
  • Not only in the investment solution but how we work with you and aim for continuous improvement in everything we do

 Client servicing

  • An experienced client team with clear objectives who are highly engaged with our clients.
  • A trust-based relationship based on the transparency that we provide at every level, from governance through to fees, account management and reporting. 


  • Embedding your ESG criteria and beliefs into your portfolio so that ESG is fully integrated.
  • A demonstrable track record as the responsible and sustainable steward to help achieve your ESG goals.

The amalgamation of these benefits makes us stand out from our competitors. We are one of few players who specialise almost exclusively in this service area.