Why choose Kempen to be your fiduciary manager

At Kempen, we see it as our role to be the long-term stewards of your assets as well as to empower you by being transparent in everything we do.  This ensures that help you keep the promises you have made to your members. For decades now, Fiduciary Management has been our core business. As a result, we have the experience and know-how to provide you with the right solution for your scheme’s particular requirements, customised to your specific goals and preferences. 

Our curious nature enables us find the right asset classes and managers to build completely bespoke solutions

We start out by finding out exactly what makes each of our potential clients tick. We are fully aware that every client has certain nuances in their circumstances and different perspectives on what they are trying to achieve. From here we can build customised portfolios and provide relevant solutions for each of our fiduciary management clients, using only the best-in-class managers and asset classes available. Our curious nature means we are continuously looking to bring you the best investment propositions to help achieve your goals.  All new asset classes brought to you are reinforced by a significant manager research presence with a depth of experience across both liquid and illiquid markets. This can involve integrating your goals and beliefs in your investment strategy, such as prioritising low costs, including certain asset classes or incorporating more sustainable investment approaches. And it can also be in terms of exactly what you want us to do for you. For example, you may wish to set your strategic asset allocation yourselves or delegate that decision to us, or you might wish to maintain a veto when it comes to choosing which managers to invest with.
In short, no two strategies or services that we provide  are the same.

You can trust us
You won’t need to lose any sleep if you choose us to look after your scheme. At Kempen, we see our role as the long-term stewards of your assets. We have a track record of helping schemes reach both their ongoing targets and their ultimate goals of self-sufficiency or buy-out.
By working with us, you will be getting an experienced client team with clear objectives who are highly engaged with our clients. We pride ourselves on building a trust-based relationships based on the transparency that we provide at every level, from governance through to fees, account management and reporting. We are truly client centric in our thinking, and do everything we can to meet our clients’ goals – and put their needs as being paramount. 

We’ll find new ways to help you achieve your aims
Through operating at the forefront of the UK and Dutch pensions markets for many years, we have extensive experience in finding innovative ways to add value for our clients.
Our open architecture approach enables us to implement our solutions in the most efficient way possible, making sure that your membership can see value for money and stability of returns.  Over the years we’ve been amongst the first fiduciary managers to introduce solutions that are now seen as industry standards. These include cost transparency, ESG or responsible investment, bespoke liability-driven investments solutions, to the use of illiquid asset classes, , and over-hedging interest rate risk.  
Current projects include analysing how we can incorporate biodiversity issues into our investment decision making, and the implementation of asset classes that enhance biodiversity. 

We will help you meet your sustainability goals

Sustainability pervades everything we do at Kempen, which of course means a responsible approach forms a big part of our fiduciary management service. 
We are widely recognised as one of the UK fiduciary managers that places the greatest focus on sustainability issues. We are focused on taking a lead on responsible investment issues, from positioning our equities to be climate aware, to our bonds which are ethical and governance focused, through to developing a clear framework for “net zero” for all of our clients. This is further reflected in the way we create fully integrated ESG portfolios for our clients by embedding their ESG criteria and beliefs into each solution. We analyse the ESG credentials of all the managers we invest with and report on the alignment of our fiduciary portfolios with our clients’ priority themes. 
No matter where you are on your sustainable journey, our team of experts will support you in understanding our industry-leading approach to ESG, and more importantly help develop your own ESG beliefs and work with you to reflect those within your portfolio.

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