Kempen Webinars

The changing of governance – “post CMA”
Recorded July 2021

During this webinar we talked about:

The changing of governance – “post CMA”. We really enjoyed hearing the perspectives of experts from Isio, XPS and also from Eversheds Sutherland on the topic, both looking back and looking forward. It was a very interactive session and good to be able to take some questions that covered the spectrum of fiduciary management.

Highlights of the webinar:

02:41 to 5:45
– Lara Edmonstone-West provides some background to the CMA’s order.
1.15.50 to 1.28.50 – Alastair Greenlees explains why it is important to think about your objective when using different asset classes.
1.54.35 to 2.01.10 – Lara Edmonstone-West shares with us her views on how investment governance will change over the coming years.

The race for end game assets
Recorded February 2021


During this interactive webinar we talked about:

With may Schemes on the de-risking path, it is clear Trustees are thinking about holding the right assets, at the right time in order to guarantee that the last pensioner receives their pension in full. One of the key topics raised was that there were not enough end-game assets and the potential ramifications of this. The main players searching for these assets will debate and share their views. This includes the perspective of an insurer, from Hymans-Robertson, a consolidator, from Clara and also the viewpoint of an open pension scheme, from Railpen.

The rise, risks and rewards of the sole trustee
Recorded October 2020

During this webinar we talked about:

The market of sole trustee is evolving and increased governance burdens and the desire for schemes to reach their end goal have firmly moved the spotlight towards this segment of the professional trustee market. There has been rapid growth in the market, however this is tempered by the challenges a sole trustee appointment brings to a scheme. In this webinar we explored these points with industry experts, and how best these challenges can be solved as the market continues to expand. 

Fiduciary Management & Investment Governance
Recorded May 2019

 During this webinar we talked about:

  • The main principles of Fiduciary Management and the latest developments
  • Why pension schemes might consider Fiduciary Management and the for pension schemes within the current regulatory environment (including the proposed CMA remedies)
  • Why should schemes care about governance, the value of good governance, and our insights from our research paper

Webinar Fiduciary Management
Recorded June 2018


During this webinar we talked about:

  • Dealing with 15 providers to manage your assets is a lot of balls to keep in the air, what is the solution?
  • Is Fiduciary Management a small or large scheme solution?
  • Why are bigger schemes better funded with less volatility?
  • Does Fiduciary Management increase investment costs?
  • Does delegating to a Fiduciary Manager cause a loss of control?