Kempen Webinars

Fiduciary Management & Investment Governance
Recorded May 2019

 During this webinar we talked about:

  • The main principles of Fiduciary Management and the latest developments
  • Why pension schemes might consider Fiduciary Management and the for pension schemes within the current regulatory environment (including the proposed CMA remedies)
  • Why should schemes care about governance, the value of good governance, and our insights from our research paper

Webinar Fiduciary Management
Recorded June 2018


During this webinar we talked about:

  • Dealing with 15 providers to manage your assets is a lot of balls to keep in the air, what is the solution?
  • Is Fiduciary Management a small or large scheme solution?
  • Why are bigger schemes better funded with less volatility?
  • Does Fiduciary Management increase investment costs?
  • Does delegating to a Fiduciary Manager cause a loss of control?