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In the face of rapidly changing market conditions in a fast moving financial world and increasing investment complexity, managing pension assets relative to its liabilities is a major challenge for UK pension schemes. With our Fiduciary Management expertise we help Trustees to focus on strategic issues. Our additional expertise helps to enhance funding security, raise funding levels, reduce volatility and take unwanted day-to-day management of multiple third-party relationships off your hands. At the same time, an informed strategic sparring partner can help make the path you have set out towards your long-term goals both smoother and shorter.

Introduction to FM

In summary, working with us helps you to:

Have more time to focus on your business

If you lack time, resources or in depth know-how – delegating to us will give you peace of mind.

Make more informed decisions

In an ever changing environment and increasing investment complexity, our expertise will benefit you along the way.

Make agile decisions

We monitor your assets and liabilities constantly and we lock in profit and remove risk to achieve your goals efficiently.


Kempen provides a comprehensive fiduciary management service with a hands-on approach.

Everything we do is with one ultimate goal in mind: helping your pension fund achieve its specific investment goals and meet its liabilities.

As one of the Europe's biggest fiduciary managers, we know what it takes to succeed in this field. Fiduciary management has been our core business since it was ‘conceived'.


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Why choose Kempen as your fiduciary manager?

“Turning long-term goals into achievable plans and solid results“
Nicholas Clapp
Nicholas Clapp Institutional Relations UK

Three frequently asked questions

Fiduciary management, what is it all about?

Fiduciary management is all about outsourcing some or all of the day-to-day tasks that are involved in running a pension fund to an expert third party. Trustees decides upon a scheme’s overall strategy. Based on those strategic decision they will start delegating the investment decisions and day-to-day management of the portfolio to a fiduciary manager. Fiduciary management is not a product. It’s a service, depending on what each client wants. Each of our clients is unique, so they each require a unique fiduciary management solution.

Does fiduciary management mean a loss of control for us?

Delegation does not mean a loss of control for you as a trustees. As EY found many trustees feel they gain control by working with their fiduciary manager to set an effective strategy and agreeing on a framework within which the fiduciary manager needs to operate to achieve a successful outcome. Fiduciary management with Kempen is a partnership which ensures the strategy is right for the scheme, that it is reviewed on an ongoing basis and that everything that is done is transparent and reported back to the Trustees on a regular basis. It also hands back time to Trustees so that you can use that precious time to focus on strategy which adds most value. If anything, this leads to greater control.

Does fiduciary management add extra costs?

In a word, no. Fiduciary management removes the traditional consulting costs, creates efficiencies between providers because the fiduciary manager acts as one point of contact, reduces underlying asset management costs due to the fiduciary manager’s buying power, and most importantly adds value – schemes using FM have outperformed those using traditional consulting models.

Kempen Capital Management London Office

Kempen Capital Management London Office

Octagon Point, 5 Cheapside London EC2V 6AA

In our eyes there are five great reasons to trust us to be your fiduciary manager:

1.We’ll provide you with an entirely bespoke solution

We build a customised portfolio for and provide a tailored solution to each and every one of our fiduciary management clients. This can involve integrating your goals and beliefs in your investment strategy, such as by prioritising low costs, certain asset classes or socially responsible investing. And it can also be in terms of exactly what you want us to do for you. For example, you might wish to set your strategic asset allocation yourselves or delegate that decision to us, or you might wish to maintain a veto when it comes to choosing which managers to invest with.

2. Managing conflicts of interest

Fiduciary management presents a number of conflicts. We help to minimise and manage these by only providing fiduciary services. We are not a Scheme Actuary or a Covenant Adviser. We believe our version of fiduciary management can help Schemes reach their funding goal meaning we don’t let the provision of ancillary services distract us from that core objective.

3. Open architecture

We use an open architecture model that employs the best external managers for our clients. Our clients delegate their authority through a power of attorney which together with the external managers, provides transparency and removes the conflict of investing in internal funds.

4. Client service

Collaborating with our clients is the cornerstone of what we do, and we have created solutions to meet specific client challenges. We have a client satisfaction score of 83%.

5. ESG

We are the leading fiduciary manager in the UK with regards to ESG. ESG is embedded in our organisation so we can accommodate clients who want to meet the minimum legal requirements or those that have a stronger sense of long term stewardship, and others who simply want to future proof themselves against increasing public opinion and regulatory requirements.

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Webinars FM

Webinar Integrating Responsible Investment
Recorded October 2019

 During this webinar we talked about:

  • How to implement ESG principles as an integral part of an investment process
  • Taking the next steps on your sustainable journey.

Fiduciary Management & Investment Governance
Recorded May 2019

 During this webinar we talked about:

  • The main principles of Fiduciary Management and the latest developments
  • Why pension schemes might consider Fiduciary Management and the for pension schemes within the current regulatory environment (including the proposed CMA remedies)
  • Why should schemes care about governance, the value of good governance, and our insights from our research paper

Webinar Fiduciary Management
Recorded June 2018


During this webinar we talked about:

  • Dealing with 15 providers to manage your assets is a lot of balls to keep in the air, what is the solution?
  • Is Fiduciary Management a small or large scheme solution?
  • Why are bigger schemes better funded with less volatility?
  • Does Fiduciary Management increase investment costs?
  • Does delegating to a Fiduciary Manager cause a loss of control? 


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