Family Offices

This team offers a range of special solutions for this client segment:

  • Fiduciary Management
  • Strategic Advice
  • Consolidated Asset Reporting

The team comprises eight specialists with an average of over ten years’ experience in fiduciary asset management.  FES is part of Client Solutions, and with the aid of wide-ranging expertise and specialisations in Asset Allocation, Manager Selection, Manager Monitoring, Portfolio Management, Sustainability Analysis and Reporting can offer clients the complete spectrum of services.

FES clients are generally high net-worth individuals who require assistance when they find themselves facing major decisions. Our aim is to clarify the issues involved and come up with tangible solutions. We provide insight into new financial problems and ensure the best possible, professional management of client assets.

Our services are:

  • Discrete and personalised
  • Accessible and transparent
  • Knowledgeable and specialist

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Our team:

Jeroen Potma
Guy Beech
Jena Nguyen