Positive impact


Long Term Aiming for positive long-term value

We aim, in everything we do, for positive long term financial and non-financial value for our clients and other stakeholders, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. To keep the focus, we have – together with internal and external stakeholders – priortised five SDG topics where we expect to make the largest difference:

These five SDG themes should be seen as a minimum, as in practice we will contribute to more development goals through the Global Impact Pool. 

Our Impact Factsheets

We strive to align some of our listed equity investments with the Sustainable Development Goals. To that end, we look for information and evidence on the positive social and environmental impact our investee companies deliver. These are captured in our Impact Factsheets. 

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Global Impact Pool

Sustainable strategies: 

Strategies where we aim for positive long-term value and where sustainable alpha is equally important as investment alpha: