Impact Factsheets

Climate change / energy transition: As a long-term investor, we invest in companies that develop products and services targeted at mitigating the risks and seizing the opportunities of climate change, such as within renewable energies.

Biodiversity: To ensure that the wealth of animals and plants and their interactions continues to exist, we invest in companies that actively work towards improving their impact on biodiversity, both at a local and at a global level. / increasing their positive impact and reducing their negative impact on biodiversity.  

Smart & circular economy: In our investment process, we actively select companies that develop circular economic systems aimed at reducing waste, pollution and carbon emissions Similarly, we invest in companies that employ reuse, sharing, repair and recycling with the aim to create a closed-loop system and minimize the use of resource inputs.

Living better for longer: It is one of our core ambitions to invest in companies that work on health care solutions with the purpose to support people to live longer, healthier and happier lives.